BHE’ST LASAGNA in Manila! (UTT Rating: 3.93)


UTT 12: Rockwell Winner #5: (Main Dish) 



 153 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
 132 foodies rated 4- I love it!
 107 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
   35 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
     2 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.


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Foodies agree that this is one of the best lasagna dishes in Manila. 🙂 It’s creamy, cheesy, and a little salty. The cheese can be overpowering though, so adding a bit more meat could help balance it out.

This is a good dish to order for potluck parties or for your celebrations this Christmas season.

Congratulations to Ms. Bhe for winning in the 4th Rockwell UTT!

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What is the Story of BHE’ST LASAGNA?

Lasagna for Ms. Bhe was a passion for almost two decades; the most awaited dish was occasionally served only during family occasions. Traditionally, the recipe was developed from the finest ingredients–from quality beef meat, lasagna shells, to herbs–with a combination of love. Aside from relatives, friends and colleagues loved the mouth-watering taste and soon triggered the interest that the next best thing to eating it is selling it.  

It was a week before Mother’s Day of 2013 when it was initially offered using the different channels of social media–from Facebook to Instagram. The first month brought the birth pains of running a small food business from home, learning the ropes at her own pace, in the familiar surroundings of her simple kitchen. But what was most important was how to find the right market, fulfilling orders, and maintaining quality. 

December of 2013, the name Bhest Lasagna was conceived. The “one woman” production line garnered an increasing demand–orders from close friends–and later friends of friends from online customers gave a lot of attention and acceptance for those who loved good food with an affordable price. 

To cater to non-beef eaters, chicken meat was introduced as a new line of offering. Just the same as the beef variant, it was designed to satisfy any family and soon became an all-time favorite! 

Bhest Lasagna makes a difference. It’s a recipe that every food enthusiast desires, exemplifying what it means to be the best–treating ingredients with respect, rendering a thick yummy creamy sauce with herbs, and the rich hearty flavor of beef or chicken meat baked to perfection.

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What Foodies Say About Bhe’st Lasagna:

  • Very good but salty.
  • Tastes like lengua lasagna.
  • Creamy and savory.
  • Definitely the “bhest” lasagna! Super cheesy!
  • Nice walnutty taste.
  • Tasty but served cold.
  • Super love it! Just right.
  • The lasagna is really cheesy.
  • Super yummy!!!
  • It was the bhest.
  • Marvelous!
  • Too cheddarry. Maybe you can add mozarella?
  • Too many flavors!
  • Really good but might not get to eat a lot.
  • That was some awesome lasagna!!
  • Taste is just right. Not overwhelming.
  • Would be better if more meat.
  • Bhest food here!
  • Name is BHADUY. Sayang…
  • Funny name. Who would take it seriously?
  • The cheese is too strong; overpowers the lasagna.
  • Creamy and delicious.
  • Too much cream.
  • Pleasantly surprised it was good.
  • Best lasagna I’ve tasted!!!
  • So good!
  • Even though the lasagna was cold, it had a great taste. Its diff from other lasagna.
  • Topnotch.
  • Nothing special but tastes ok.
  • Insufficient beef but good flavor.
  • Perfect for cheese lovers. A bit creamy.
  • Amazing cheese!
  • The garlic bread complements the taste of the lasagna. Super love it. Very creamy.
  • Just the right taste of cheese mixed with tomato.
  • Classic!
  • Hubby requested for 2nd round!
  • super yummy!
  • My kind of food.
  • Tastes like love. 🙂
  • Too creamy, removing the essence of the other ingredients.
  • Flavor was a bit off.
  • I just love it.
  • No meat, too much cheese.
  • Comfort food.
  • Change the cheese.
  • Sweet, not meaty enough.
  • Heavenly!
  • Best indeed. 


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