LIBERATION SHAWARMA by Chef JP “Jayps” Anglo at Hole in the Wall (A Review)

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LIBERATION SHAWARMA is Chef Jayps’ interpretation of the Shawarma, a popular treat from the Middle East. It’s called “Liberation” because he wants to break away from the cliché and integrate other flavors and sauces that he’s encountered from his travels.

Here’s our first impression of Liberation Shawarma… 

Hole in the Wall @CenturyMallPH Series:

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Chef Jayps designed his stall like a food truck, inspired by the movie “Chef”.

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Check out the Liberation Shawarma Menu.

The menu focuses on shawarma and the different available sauces.

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Liberation specializes not only in beef shawarma but also in a pork version.

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The crew stuffs the pita with different vegetables and sauces. 

Suggestion: It would be nice to have additional vegetable options that you can customize, just like the way they do it in Middle East.

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The shawarma is served with two signature sauces:

  • Shatta, which is inspired by the Egyptian chili sauce with a bit of a bitter aftertaste, and
  • Tuom, inspired by the Lebanese yogurt sauce with a garlicky finish.

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Beef Shawarma (P270) + Fries (P70) with Shatta and Toum

The beef is good, but the pita itself was a bit dry with just beef and vegetables. Maybe they can put hummus with some olive oil inside to make it more interesting. 

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3 PCS. PITA (P180) with 2 Sauces. Hummus, babaganoush, chili cheese.

I like the hummus and babaganoush. You can really taste the chickpeas and eggplant flavors. The chili cheese reminds me of pimiento cheese–it’s not hot. 

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The pork for me was more flavorful than the beef, with a bit of chili kick. You can order Pimiento Yogurt Mayo dip, which complements with the pork flavor. 

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Liberation Shawarma was a witness to this historic meeting with the Ledesmas for our exciting project in 2015! I can’t wait to share this with you. 🙂

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The flavors of the shawarma and the sauces are very good. I like the beef and pork with the Shatta and Tuom, which taste great when combined with the Chili Cheese and Pimiento Yogurt Mayo. I like the way they don’t pretend to be an authentic or fusion place, but more of a chef’s interpretation of the classic shawarma.

The pita used in the shawarma is a bit dry, and they only give tiny amounts of the sauces, as if they’re controlling the portions like a Chinese resto would. At P270 per shawarma, they should be offering unlimited sauces and have the option to customize your shawarma stuffing to include other add-ons such as hummus.

Overall, I like Liberation Shawarma–a great addition to the entire Hole in the Wall Food Hall concept! 

4/F, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue corner Salamanca Street, Makati City 
Telephone: +632 887-2089
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Hole in the Wall @CenturyMallPH Series:

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Disclosures: We paid for our meal. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. They put butter and pan-grilled the pita with a panini press, just like in “Chef”! 🙂

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