DREAMPLAY by DREAMWORKS (A Review): 11 Tips for Planning your DreamPlay Date with your Kids! @CityofDreamsPH

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Dreamworks Dreamplay-8.jpg
DreamPlay is a DreamWorks movie-inspired creativity play center for kids located indoors inside City of Dreams Manila.

I like that the attractions stimulate the minds of the kids and challenge their creativity. The activities are interactive, like workshop classes and exercise activities for your little ones. 

Although, some say the entrance fee isn’t worth it, considering how relatively small the place is, with limited attractions you can finish in two hours. Others comment that it’s just an interactive day care where parents, who want to spend more time in the casino, can drop off their kids.

We tried it first hand with the boys and their cousins, and here’s our planning guide and review of DreamPlay by DreamWorks… 

DREAMPLAY by DreamWorks
Upper Ground Floor, The Shops at the Boulevard, City of Dreams Manila
Operating Hours: 10 am to 10 pm 
Telephone Numbers: +632 808-0909 
Ticket Purchase: At the DreamPlay entrance, or online via SMtickets.com.
Cash, credit cards or Dream Rewards points accepted. 

Dreamworks Dreamplay-1.jpg
DreamPlay is the world’s first DreamWorks-inspired, education-based interactive play space located in Manila.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-5.jpg
There are 12 attractions in approximately 5,000 square meters of space with 3 themed party rooms, for a total capacity of 120 persons.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-3.jpg
It is best enjoyed by kids 100cm and above in height.

Kids shorter than that won’t enjoy that much and would need to be accompanied by a participating adult (paying full price).

Dreamworks Dreamplay-9.jpg
You buy tickets from this counter and you have to sign the Parental Consent Form (For Children with accompanying Parents/Guardian).

DreamPlay Ticket prices:         

Weekends/ Holidays


4-17 Years old,

OR those 18 and above who wish to participate in all activities.


Note: Unaccompanied adults will not be allowed entry.


2-4 years old

4 Hours

P 880

P 400

P 100

2 Hours

P 600

P 330

P 100

Hourly Ext.

P 300

P 150


Day Rate

P 1,500

P 680

P 100



4-17 Years old,

OR those 18 and above who wish to participate in all activities.


Note: Unaccompanied adults will not be allowed entry.


2-4 years old

4 Hours

P 680

P 300

P 50

2 Hours

P 480

P 260

P 50

Hourly Ext.

P 250

P 120


Day Rate

P 1,200

P 350

P 50



Dreamworks Dreamplay-10.jpg
There are four colors of wristband:

  • Red – for kids 100cm and above in height and for adults who want to participate in all the activities.
  • Yellow – for kids less than 100cm in height
  • Green – non-participating adult
  • White – VIP access, no waiting in line.

DreamPlay Openning
You can use the lockers to safeguard some of your valuables and items you won’t need inside the park.

Here’s the Bigger Version of the DreamPlay by DreamWorks Map!

Dreamworks Dreamplay-19.jpgTip#1: I recommend booking your baking class schedule first as soon as you enter. It happens every 30 minutes and your kids will have the chance to cook their own gingerbread man.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-17.jpg
DreamTheatre. Join some of your favorite DreamWorks characters in DreamTheater! You’ll be part of the story in a unique 4-D experience that allows you to FEEL the excitement!

Tip #2: Start with watching the short 4-D DreamWorks animated movie because this usually has the longest line.

DreamPlay Openning
Sit on the 2nd or 3rd row for the best vantage point (and to make sure you get wet).

Dreamworks Dreamplay-26.jpg
Make sure to say ‘Hi’ to the Magic Mirror at the ticket booth of DreamTheatre.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-40.jpg
Cooking With Gingy (Shrek). Set up your own baking station and learn how to make gingerbread man from Gingy himself! Just don’t be surprised if Shrek and Donkey catch a whiff of your delicious treats and make an appearance too!

I like this cooking class because the kids learn how to cook a gingerbread man, which you can take with you as their a snack while in the park. 

The kids kneaded the dough and used a mold to cut it into the gingerbread man shape. Gingy and Shrek entertain the kids throughout the cooking class.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-42.jpg
The dough is sent to the oven to cook, but they have prepared a cooked batch that comes out for sanitary reasons.

Tip #3: Shh…please don’t tell the kids and spoil the fun.

Then the kids put the finishing touches themselves–facial features and costume with red, blue, and white icing.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-47.jpg
Whatever Floats Your Boat (Madagascar). The Penguins of Madagascar need your help to create a sound seafaring vessel! Joining Skipper, Private, Rico, and Kowalski on their next operation, you will not only assemble your very own boat, you’ll also sail it down river! But be careful! There just may be a few obstacles along the way. (Height Requirement: 100 cm)

The kids are challenged to create their own boat and race around the river. 

Dreamworks Dreamplay-50.jpg
Tip#4: Make sure to build a sturdy boat to withstand all the obstacles along the way.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-33.jpg
Afro Circus (Madagascar). The Afro Circus has come to town! Dive into a world of foam and fun as you join Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria in this amazing multilevel play area. (Height Requirement: 100 cm)

This attraction is a bit boring and just like your regular children’s play area in the malls.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-16.jpg
Tip#5: Make sure to eat before going to DreamPlay. Don’t buy from Chez Gingy–it costs an average of P300 for food and P280 for just water!

Check out the Chez Gingy Food Menu.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-23.jpg
How To Fly Your Dragon (How To Train Your Dragon). In Berk, you’re only as fast as the dragon you ride. Join Hiccup on his quest to find dragons of all shapes and sizes. You’ll search Hiccup’s collection of hand-crafted dragon parts to create your own unique dragon. Once complete, you’ll climb to the top of Berk and fly it! Will your dragon be able to move like a Gronckle or soar like a Speed Stinger? (Height Requirement: 100 cm) 

One of the coolest attractions in the park that the kids can do over and over again.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-65.jpg
You make your own dragon then climb to the top of Berk to launch it. 

Dreamworks Dreamplay-66.jpg
Aidan’s Dragon. 

DreamPlay Openning
DreamTales Library. Enter the DreamTales Library where storytelling comes to life! Guests can enjoy a quiet space and read some of their favorite DreamWorks stories. Plus, some of your favorite DreamWorks characters take the stage in a puppet show all their own!   

This is the place where you can hang out with your kids who are shorter than 100cm in height.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-25.jpg
Tip #6: Make sure to check out the schedule of the puppet shows at the DreamTales Library.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-54.jpg
Fast as Lightning Kung Fu Fighting  (Kung Fu Panda). Join in the Kung Fu Panda Dojo and become a Kung Fu master alongside Po and The Furious Five! Ready your Fists of Fury and prepare to kick the dumplings out of your enemies as you train with these Kung Fu Panda legends. (Height Requirement: 100 cm)

This is a cool “Just Dance”-like interactive game featuring the wacky Kung Fu Panda. The kids are challenged because of the point system. Just make sure they’re dancing directly below the sensor.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-58.jpg
DreamStudioThere’s no dream too big for the Dream Studio! You’re in the director’s chair as your favorite DreamWorks characters help you make your very own animated film!

Why not make your own animated film? This is another place you can hang out with your kids who have yet to reach the 100cm height requirement.

DreamPlay Openning
Check out how it feels like to be a Director of your own DreamWorks animated movie! 

Dreamworks Dreamplay-76.jpg
Dinotrux. Join the Dinotrux at this construction site millions of years in the making. Learn how to build and pilot your very own Reptool. Then enlist the support of Ty and the other Dinotrux to create a world unlike any other! (Height Requirement: 100 cm)

Are you familiar with the Dinotrux characters–half-dinosaur, half-mechanical construction vehicles based on Chris Gall’s award-winning book series?

TIP #7: Watch Dinotrux on Netflix with your kids before going to DreamPlay.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-75.jpg
Go up the stairs to control your own Dinotrux.

DreamPlay Openning
Shrek’s Swamp Stomp (Shrek). Get ready for an ogre-the-top experience as you tour Shrek’s swamp house. Shrek is home to greet you, but he can’t seem to find his keys and needs your help to look for them. Just be sure to stay away from his outhouse or you just might get an unpleasant surprise.

DreamPlay OpenningDon’t let Shrek catch you fooling around in his swamp house.

Tip #8: Always get your camera ready to take a picture with the Shrek mascot when he comes out. 

Dreamworks Dreamplay-56.jpg
Wall of Destiny (Kung Fu Panda)Do you have the strength and agility of a Kung Fu master? Conquer the Wall of Destiny where you will face a series of climbing challenges. Reach the top and find your destiny. (Height Requirement: 120 cm)

For your Kung Fu- and Parkour-loving, taller kids. 

Dreamworks Dreamplay-61.jpg
The teens can enjoy wall climbing activities…

Dreamworks Dreamplay-11.jpg
Thread of Enlightenment  (Kung Fu Panda)Test your bravery and balance as you make your way across this two-level ropes course. Follow in the footsteps of the great kung fu masters as you journey through the Thread of Enlightenment. (Height Requirement: 140 cm)

…and this rope course maze with their friends.

Tip #9: Start with the Wall of Destiny, then move to the Thread of Enlightenment. It’s good exercise for your taller kids and their friends.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-14.jpg
Tip #10: Allot about 3-4 hours to enjoy all the attractions before you exit through the DreamShop.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-81.jpgThe Madagascar merchandise range from P800-P1500.

Dreamworks Dreamplay-88.jpg
The dragons are cool toys for boys! The Storm fly colorful dragon and Toothless Night fury dragon cost P1,225.

Tip #11: Talk to your kids and establish some ground rules for buying toys before entering the DreamShop. We always make it a point to not buy so as not to spoil the kids. Or if we buy, we make it as a prize or reward for good behavior or grades.

DreamPlay Openning
Verdict: I love the intelligent, interactive, and creative attractions of DreamPlay for the kids. The attractions are suitable for kids above the age of 7 and 100cm+ in height. 

Buy the 4-hour ticket, which already gives you sufficient time to enjoy all the attractions. Plan to eat before or after going to DreamPlay, and bring your own water.

I wouldn’t recommend entering the main City of Dreams entrance and exposing your kids to the casino floor. You can just park in the designated parking building and take the elevator directly to the upper ground floor where DreamPlay is located. 

It’s just a bit expensive considering the limited attractions. Hopefully, they can offer deals at lower ticket prices, especially for groups.

But if you do decide to go, I recommend planning a DreamPlay trip with your kids’ cousins and friends to make it more enjoyable and a priceless bonding moment.

DREAMPLAY by DreamWorks
Upper Ground Floor, The Shops at the Boulevard
City of Dreams,  Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, 
Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines

Operating Hours: 10 am to 10 pm 
Telephone Numbers: +632 808-0909 

Dress Code: Suitable for physical activities; socks should be worn. 
Restaurant: Chez Gingy (10 am to 10 pm) 

Ticket Purchase: At the DreamPlay entrance, or online via SMtickets.com. Cash, credit cards or Dream Rewards points accepted.  

policy policy

Live an Awesome Life,

Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com 

Disclosure: We paid for our DreamPlay experience with the kids. The OAP Team attended the official grand opening last Philippine Independence Day. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Congratulations on the official grand opening of DreamPlay by DreamWorks last June 12, 2015!

COD Manila_DreamPlay_4

Melco Crown Philippines is thrilled to officially introduce ‘DreamPlay by DreamWorks’ to the overall entertainment offerings at City of Dreams Manila, already enjoyed by millions of visitors since our initial opening December last year,” said Mr. Clarence Chung, Chairman and President, Melco Crown (Philippines) Resorts Corporation.  

‘DreamPlay  by  DreamWorks’ is key to our family-entertainment appeal and ensures that City of Dreams Manila truly has something for everyone–as a compelling visitor leisure destination for families across the region. City of Dreams Manila now enjoys a comprehensive range of world-class entertainment facilities, developed by Melco Crown Philippines with the strategic aim of further diversifying the tourism potential of Manila and the Philippines.

This is a very exciting day for DreamWorks and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Lawrence Ho and Mr. James Packer, to introduce DreamPlay to Manila,” said DreamWorks Animation’s Head of Retail Development & Entertainment Paul Kurzawa.

21 thoughts on “DREAMPLAY by DREAMWORKS (A Review): 11 Tips for Planning your DreamPlay Date with your Kids! @CityofDreamsPH

  1. The place is for the kids. The parents are force to pay 400 to accompany the kids where only movies and puppet show which you can attend and watch and not participate. The rest, you just have to babysit the kids. Kind of saying to pay yourself to take care of the kids. Having some of my kids below the required height have to pay full price is not fair as well.
    I felt it is overrated and a rip-off.

  2. Correction to previous post. Movies and puppet show are two you can actually have the same priviledge as the kids. The rest, you are a spectator, babysitter and being the parent.

  3. I believe the same – 100% rip-off if anyone is reading this blog just be aware of the prices as for the food. Good Tip! Head to a buffet before going to DreamPlay. It’s really in-considerate that there’s only 1 place where they serve food and it’s over priced for example. If i’m eating my food, it feels like I’m eating a 1000 peso lunch all by myself. That’s 6 kilo’s of chicken. Go figure sorry but it’s true ! This isn’t Disneyland where burgers fries and a can of coke is 15.00 dollars equivalent to 800 pesos… I’d rather eat at Disneyland if that’s the case

  4. Do they allow guests to bring in some water at least? I mean, we always bring a tumbler whenever we go out, especially in this kind of activity because kids can’t just go around for 4 hours without consuming water. I don’t want to pay 280 pesos just for a bottle of water. smh

  5. Are guests allow Ed to bring water inside? Also, my kids are 12 and two 9 year old Special kids, do I have to pay as well to accompany them? Do they accept PWD discount ? Thanks! info would be very much appreciated as I Will come from the province.

  6. Are guests allowed to bring water inside? Also, my kids are 12 and two 9 year old Special kids, do I have to pay as well to accompany them? Do they accept PWD discount ? Thanks! info would be very much appreciated as I Will come from the province.

    1. Hi Lady,

      Honestly I’m not sure and best to contact them directly. They should honor the discount and I guess water should be allowed.

  7. do u have discounts for a birthday celebrant?
    my daughter is turning 7 on this month of 16th day
    and we’re planning to take her at Dream Play..

  8. We are a family of three (2 parents, 1 kid), will all of us be allowed entry? Also, do you give discounts to birthday celebrants?
    I will highly appreciate your attention on this. Thank you in advance.

  9. Hi. From the pictures, i can see that from the offerings, the ceiling height required to create this awesome place must be very high. Would you know roughly what would be the ceiling height ?

  10. Hi, we have the annual pass for Dreamplay. We bring water and even bite size cookies. I put everything in my kids’ backpacks and bags are not really inspected so we get to bring all these inside. Food inside are way overpriced. If we want to eat something too, we go to Starbucks just outside the play area. Hope this helps.

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