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12/21/15 Update: A Christmas Staycation @ManilaHotel

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We love staying at The Manila Hotel because of its historic feel, delicious outlets, and close proximity to Manila landmarks and the famed Manila Bay sunset.  

We decided to go on a staycation at the famed hotel this past Philippine Independence Day long weekend.

Here are the moments that made our Manila Hotel staycation memorable…

One Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
Nestled in the lush greenery of Rizal Park, the 100-year old edifice of Manila Hotel is a historical landmark, having housed many heads of state and royalty for the past decades. It now also boasts of newly renovated areas and modern amenities.
Telephone: +632 527-0011
Facebook: Manila Hotel
Twitter: @ManilaHotel
Instagram: Manila_Hotel

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Manila Hotel Junior Suite-1.jpg
I love the classic and charming feel of the newly-renovated rooms.

Manila Hotel Junior Suite-2.jpg
It’s best to reserve the Junior Suites (with living room space) if you’re a big family like us with 4 kids.

Manila Hotel Junior Suite-9.jpg
The welcome fruit basket, chocolate, and cookies for the boys. 

Mc Arthur Lounge-5.jpg
You have two room options: one that is facing Intramuros and the sunrise…

Mc Arthur Lounge-11.jpg
…or the rooms facing Manila Bay, all known as the sunset rooms. I recommend getting the rooms on the higher floors with a view of the Manila Bay Sunset.

Manila Hotel Junior Suite-7.jpg
Nice bathroom layout with bathtub. All the toilet bowls are equipped with an eco-washer.

Bath Tub-1.jpg
The boys loved taking a bath in the tub while watching cartoons.

Manila Hotel Junior Suite-10.jpg
I love the Asprey Purple Water bathroom amenities!


Cafe Ilang Ilang Breakfast

Swimming Pool-9.jpg
Start your day by swimming with the kids. The pool may be small…

Pool Bar-1.jpg…but it has a bar at the center where you can order fruit juices while you swim. 🙂

Manila Hotel Breakfast-20.jpg
The hotel has an extensive health club that is open from 6 am until 10 pm.

Cafe Ilang-Ilang Breakfast-10.jpg
We had breakfast at Cafe Ilang Ilang. You can reserve the private room for your big family.

Cafe Ilang-Ilang Breakfast-3.jpg
The pork skinless longganisa was a hit with the boys and their Papa. 🙂 

Cafe Ilang-Ilang Breakfast-13.jpg
One of the unique features of the breakfast is the Ironman pancake for the kids!

Cafe Ilang-Ilang Breakfast-14.jpg
The Cafe Ilang Ilang culinary staff is cool, friendly, and always there to help you with your breakfast requests.

Cafe Ilang-Ilang Breakfast-23.jpg
My breakfast plate with Ironman pancake, salmon, garlic rice, longganisa, chicken tocino, curry, dimsum, and taho.


Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch

Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch-8.jpg
For lunch, they have 3 options for siomai: Chicken, Beef & Quail Egg, and Shrimp. We went crazy over the chicken siomai with chili.

Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch-25.jpg
The eat-all-you-can hot shrimp salad with mayo was also a favorite appetizer. 

Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch-35.jpg
Fresh shrimps and oysters that they can cook or bake, depending on your specifications.

Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch-32.jpg
Make-your-own pizza and pasta is also a popular station in the lunch buffet. 

Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch-26.jpg
Cream of Mushroom Soup (P330 +12% Vat, +10% service charge + local tax) with truffle oil foam. 

You can order a la carte if you have guests who may find the buffet too much. The Cream of Mushroom soup came highly recommended. 

Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch-44.jpg
CAFE ILANG ILANG MENU: Cold Kitchen, Soups, Sandwiches | Pasta and Pizza | Local Delights | Healthy Options, Kiddie Meals | Sweet Temptation, Native Rice Delicacies | Pagtitipon (Good for 4 persons) | Salo-Salo (Good for 4 persons) | Handaan Espesyal (Good for 5 persons) | Fiesta (Good for 6 persons) 

We also love the Sinigang na Salmon (salmon simmered in tamarind broth with native vegetables served with steamed rice – P600) with generous amounts of salmon meat good for 2-3 persons.

Checkout: Our Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch Buffet Bill 

Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch-4.jpg
The best features of the Cafe Ilang Ilang lunch buffet include: Churrasco Meat Station…

Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch-24.jpg
…the US Prime rib carving…

Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch-20.jpg
…Mongolian Station…

Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch-23.jpg
…and the Curry/Halal Food Station.


Afternoon Activities

Manila Revisit Tour-1.jpg
In the afternoon, you can take the Manila Revisited Tour with your family.


This two and a half hour tour will take you to the historical Walled City and Rizal Park on a horse-drawn carriage. This tour will include a visit to Fort Santiago, Rizal’s Execution Site, Casa Manila, Palacio del Gobernador, Manila Catherdral, San Agustin Church, and the former headquarters of Douglas MacArthur.

Tour only: P 1,900
Tour + Room Package: P 8,750

For inquiries and reservations, patrons can call +632 527 0011 local 1175 to 1178 or email

Note: *All tours are inclusive of transportation to and from the Hotel

Rizal Monument.jpg
You can also have a short walk to the Rizal Monument and around Rizal park…

Dreamworks Dreamplay-8.jpg
…or check out DreamPlay by DreamWorks at City of Dreams Manila!

There’s also Manila Ocean Park, just walking distance from the hotel. 

Mc Arthur Lounge-1.jpg
If you’d just like to hang out at the hotel, you can stay at the magnificent lobby and listen to live piano music.

Mc Arthur Lounge-2.jpg
Make sure to go up the MacArthur Club Lounge before 6pm to watch the beautiful Manila sunset.

Mc Arthur Lounge-20.jpg
The food at the MacArthur Club Lounge located at the 15th floor was surprisingly good, especially for breakfast. 

Check out the Drinks Menu at the Mc Arthur Lounge.

Mc Arthur Lounge-19.jpg
The kids loved watching TV here because of the comfy living room setup and the drink options.


Mabuhay Palace Dinner 

Mabuhay Palace Lunch-1.jpg
Mabuhay Palace is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Manila.

Mabuhay Palace Lunch-30.jpg
Best to make reservations, especially if you plan on eating here for dinner. 

Mabuhay Palace Lunch-3.jpg
Mabuhay Palace a la Cart Menu: Appetizers and Barbecued Specialties | Bird’s Nest Abalone and Sea Cucumber | Soups | Live Seafood | Fresh Seafood 1 | Fresh Seafood 2 | Poultry | Pork and Beef | Beancurd and Vegetables | Vegetarian | Rice and Noodles | Dessert | Drinks

Check out Our Mabuhay Palace Bill (Budget about P1,600/head).

Mabuhay Palace Lunch-24.jpg
Cold Scallop with Mango (P450 +12% Vat, +10% service charge + local tax)

For something unique, try this fresh cold scallop dish with a sweet-sour mango.

Mabuhay Palace Lunch-23.jpg
3-Way Peking Duck: 1st Way, Sliced crispy duck skin with pancake and condiments. (P1,250 -half +12% Vat, +10% service charge + local tax)

Mabuhay Palace is known for their Peking Duck. We ordered a half serving for the family. 

Mabuhay Palace Lunch-35.jpg
2nd Way, Stir-fried minced Duck (P1,350 – half +12% Vat, +10% service charge + local tax) wrapped in fresh lettuce.

My favorite is this minced duck in lettuce wrap with hoisin sauce. 

Mabuhay Palace Lunch-34.jpg
3rd Way, crispy-fried duck bone with minced garlic and salt pepper (P1,450 – half +12% Vat, +10% service charge + local tax)

The duck bone was very tasty with salt, pepper, and garlic flavors.

Mabuhay Palace Lunch-37.jpg
Tower Mei Cai Pork (P980 +12% Vat, +10% service charge + local tax) with steamed Chinese steamed buns (please order 1 day in advance).

Tower of Pork Belly with Brocolli! One of our favorite and unique signature dishes at Mabuhay Palace. 

Mabuhay Palace Lunch-46.jpg
We like cutting the soft buns in half then putting the pork belly pieces with minced vegetables in between and eating it like cuapao. 

Mabuhay Palace Lunch-43.jpg
Salted Duck Egg Ice Cream (P180 +12% Vat, +10% service charge + local tax)

Salted duck egg made into ice cream…yum! 

Mabuhay Palace Lunch-45.jpg
Deep-fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Chocolate (P180 +12% Vat, +10% service charge + local tax)

Not as good as I remember, but still a nice sweet finish to a Mabuhay Palace meal. 

Cafe Ilang Ilang Lunch-73.jpg
The Manila Hotel turned out to be the perfect venue for our Diaz family reunion with my older brother, Enzo and his kids, Elania and Milo! 


One Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
Nestled in the lush greenery of Rizal Park, the 100-year old edifice of Manila Hotel is a historical landmark, having housed many heads of state and royalty for the past decades. It now also boasts of newly renovated areas and modern amenities.
Telephone: +632 527-0011
FacebookManila Hotel

Check out low rates and availability from Agoda: The Manila Hotel

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Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: We stayed as guests of Manila Hotel. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. One of the best things about Manila Hotel is their in-room massage, which is available 24 hours!

The masseurs are very good, utilizing strong pressure to lull you to sleep.

Manila Hotel Spa-1.jpg
Check out the Spa and in-room massage rates.

4 thoughts on “MANILA HOTEL: Your next Memorable Manila Staycation @ManilaHotel

  1. hello Anton,
    I would just like to clarify if the amenities you mentioned above (welcome fruit basket, chocolates and cookies and access to the Mabuhay Lounge) are really part of the package when I book the Junior Suite or were these given to you since you were writing for Manila Hotel. I dont mean to sound sarcastic, I just want to set my expectations correctly.
    I once booked a room in a hotel you wrote glowingly about but was disappointed that the things you mentioned werent available to paying guests like me. Ironic when you think about it, since they get their business from paying guests.

  2. Hi Sunshine,
    You have to book the rooms (typically the suites are included) that has the MacArthur Club Lounge access.
    This is the extra service and amenities that they provide. The 15th Floor Club lounge access is a must. The food is good there either for cocktail or for breakfast.

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