Reversed Reality: Inside the head of Enigma the Psychopathic Killer @MysteryManila

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Reversed Reality takes place within the head of criminal mastermind, Enigma. Inside his head are his plans to destroy the world and you are tasked to find them in 60 minutes. Each plan is represented by a puzzle piece, which the team has to put together before the hour is over.

We liked the concept of this room, as everything inside it was…reversed! The game uses anamorphic illusions, which requires players to really look at their surroundings to carefully gather clues.

Mystery Manila Series:

Keep reading to get the scoop on OAP’s experience with Reversed Reality…


Mystery Manila: Reversed Reality

Welcome to Reversed Reality! What makes this room unique is that almost everything in this room is upside down—from the tables, chairs, clock, and writing.


Mystery Manila: Reversed Reality

Players will be blindfolded before stepping into the room to give a feeling of entering Enigma’s mind.


Mystery Manila: Reversed Reality

The room will be completely dark so the team should look out for sources of light as soon as the game begins.

(Note: No phones, personal flashlights, or cameras will be allowed inside.)


Mystery Manila: Reversed Reality

Enigma’s plans to destroy the world are stored in these little treasure chests; you have to uncover the codes to unlock its secrets.

Each lock uniquely has its own method of decoding. Some locks will require letters, numbers, or both. Others will require a directional sequence.


Mystery Manila: Reversed Reality

Reversed Reality requires a lot of fun code-breaking. This game is really for lovers of the more traditional number and letter puzzles.

We enjoyed the process of finding the clues, especially the “reversed” kind! Challenging, but worthwhile.


Mystery Manila: Reversed Reality

Should you have any trouble trying to solve a puzzle, your designated Mystery Manila guide can help you but it adds a 5-minute penalty!

Asking for clues can be very tempting, especially with the more cryptic “mindblocks” the room has to offer. Note: having your Mystery Manila guide solve the final puzzle for you once you’ve collected all the pieces adds a 10-minute penalty.


Mystery Manila: Reversed Reality

Congratulations to Chuck & Marge Chang and Eroll & Kimbee Magdato for creating, yet again, another enjoyable puzzle experience! Team OAP was able to solve the mystery within 48 minutes (with 2 clues spent).

This Mystery Room was fun because it balanced traditional puzzle elements with a modern environment. We enjoyed the extra challenge of depending on 2 flashlights just to get around, as it forced the team to rely on one another to find a solution.

Overall, Reversed Reality makes for a great bonding experience with friends, co-workers, or family. Mystery Rooms are more than just games. They teach you the value of teamwork.

It’s 2016 and Psychopathic Killer, Enigma, has been detained by the government. Through Dream Snatching, you and 5 others are tasked to extract Enigma’s evil plans. Inside his head are 6 fragments, which you must find and put together.

Remember: Find the fragments, save the world! You have one hour. Good luck!

Mystery Manila – Libis Quezon City
Unit 9A, JW Plaza Building, 195 E. Rodriguez Jr Ave. (also known as C5, right across the street from the entrance of Eastwood, Libis) Brgy. Bagumbayan, 1110 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Telephone: +632 501-2824 or +63 917 582-0808
Facebook: Mystery Manila
Twitter: @MysteryManila
Instagram: @Mystery_Manila
You Tube: Mystery Manila

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 1.00pm to 9.30pm
Holidays/Saturdays/Sundays: 9.00am to 930pm

Mystery Manila Fees:

  • P550/person if two persons are booked
  • P500/person if three persons are booked
  • P450/person if four persons are booked
  • P400/person if five persons are booked

Mystery Manila Series:


Live an Awesome Life,


Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our experience was courtesy of Chuck of Mystery Manila. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.

P.S. Come at least 30 minutes before your appointment to get briefed about general game rules and mechanics.

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