100 Photos of Great Cuisines in the Philippines! (Series 3 of 4) #LGG4PH #LGG4TheGreat

Our Awesome Planet, in partnership with LG Electronics, present 100 Photos of Great Cuisines in the Philippines as Shot using LG G4.  Here’s the 3rd batch of 25 yummy photos:

100 Great Cuisines in the Philippines Photo Exhibit(1-25) | (25-50) | (50-75) | (76-100)

Ruby Jack's
Ruby Jack’s Steak


Vask Gallery
Tiradito @ Vask Gallery


Super Magic Burger_
Super Magic Burgers, Boracay


Butiffara @ Bar Pintxos


Subo Kare Kare
Kare-KareSubo, Boracay


Adobo by Cucina
Chicken Adobo @ Cucina, Pasig  (Suggested by Christian Tamis)


Seol Hwa
Pat Bing Su @ Café Seol Hwa


Piri Piri Chicken
Piri Piri Chicken @ Spicebird, Boracay


Oyster Rockefeller @ The Fireplace, New World Manila Bay Hotel


Maisen Tonkatsu
Kurobuta Tonkatsu @ Maisen, Philippines


Lucky'sBacon Chicharon @ Lucky’s, Tuscany at Mckinley Hill


Krazy Garlic
Beef con Salsa Blanca @ Krazy Garlic


Krazy Garlic Steak
30 Cloves Sirloin @ Krazy Garlic


French Chicken
Forest Truffle Chicken @ Le Jardin


FAT Salpicao
Angus Rib Eye Salpicao @ FAT


Discovery Shores Ceviche
Ceviche @ Discovery Shores Boracay


Crupcakes by Sonja


Crepe Mille
Mille Crepe by Papermoon 


Bulgogi Brothers Bibimbop
Bibimbap @ Bulgogi Brothers


Boodle Fight
Boodle Fight @ Discovery Shores, Boracay


Becky Beef on Shrooms @ Anuman


Krazy Garlic Seafood
Flavors of the Sea in a Bag @ Krazy Garlic


Qi Spa Steak
Angus Steak @ Qi Spa, Tagaytay


Single Origin Ribs

Aussie Short Ribs @ Single Origin


Subo Ceviche
Ceviche @ Subo, Boracay


100 Great Cuisines in the Philippines Photo Exhibit(1-25) | (25-50) | (50-75) | (76-100)

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Disclosure: 100 Great Cuisines in the Philippines Photo Exhibit using LG G4 is a collaboration of LG Philippines and Our Awesome Planet.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Thank you to Christian Tamis for the suggestions and contributing to this 3rd batch of 100 Photos of Great Cuisines in the Philippines!

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