SALVATORE CUOMO: Neapolitan Pizza & Premium Casual Italian Dining in Manila!

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SALVATORE CUOMO is a premium casual Italian restaurant with Japanese influences by its namesake, Italian-Japanese Chef Salvatore Cuomo, specializing in Neapolitan pizza.

The Manila branch is a franchise of this popular restaurant by the Chili’s Group, who always aims to introduce the finest food with a beautiful casual ambiance. 

Here’s what to expect and what to order based on our intimate dinner preview with Chef Salvatore himself in Manila…


Uptown Parade Mall, 9th Avenue corner 38th St. (in front of The Palace Pool Club)
Telephone: +632 946-3072
Facebook: Salvatore Cuomo Philippines
Twitter: @salvatore_cuomo
Instagram: @salvatore_cuomo11

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You’ll love the fully open kitchen and the high ceiling industrial hip look. It feels like dining in a big living room. Service is warm and you can come as you are.


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Chef Salvatore Cuomo is known as an Italian Cuisine Ambassador and Pioneer of Neapolitan Pizza in Asia.

He lives by the motto “to be the only one, not the number one”.


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SALVATORE CUOMO MENU: Appetizer, Salad, Soup, Pizza, Yakitori (Skewers) |  Pasta & Risotto, Seafood, Meat, Side Dish 

Reserve this Chef’s Table for your group of 8-10 people, which transforms into a communal table where you can eat and interact with other epicures.

(Note: They have a different menu during snack time: Cafe Time Menu (2.00pm – 6.00pm))


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DRINKS MENU: Paul Bassett Caffe Menu |  Glass of Wine, Draft Beer, Below Zero, Japanese Sake | Fresh Fruit Frozen, Tropical | Martini, Standard Cocktail, Fresh Fruit Shake | Whiskey & Brandy | Spirits & Liqueur, Mineral, Soda, Juice | The Bubble | The White | The Red | Italian Red 

It also has a full bar where you can hang out for cocktails while waiting for your group, or for after drinks sessions with friends.


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Honig Vineyard and Winery Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley (P2,300)

Start with this white wine from Honig, which is dry but smooth, with sweet hints from the 4% semillon and 1% muscat. Love this Sauv Blanc!

For more info, visit


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Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial (Champagne – P5,000)

You can also start with their good selection of Bubbly – sparkling or Champagne.


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Stuzzichino: Japanese “Yakitori”

Love the taste of the Tsukune (chicken meatloaf made with egg) and the Sasami (chicken breast) skewers–2 pieces for P150.


Cuomo Salvatore-17.jpg
Antipasto: Marinated Seafood, Pork Crostone, & Italian Fresh Mozzarella Caprese

From the Antipasto sampler we tasted, the Caprese con Mozzarella di Bufala (P750) was the best. 


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Chef Salvatore Cuomo takes pride in serving the most authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Manila–cooked in a brick oven, using only buffala cheese, about 250g, and 30-33 cm in diameter.


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World Champion Winner Pizza “DOC” (P820). Mozzarella, Cherry Tomato, Basil.

The signature pizza is the World Champion Pizza called “DOC” which is short for Domination of Checked Origin, because all of the ingredients of this pizza are authentically from Italy.


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Quattro Formaggi (P750). 4 Kinds of Cheese.

Pizza prices are at par with Chef Chris My Kitchen’s Panniza and double the price of Gino’s. Our favorite is this Quatro formaggi…


 Cuomo Salvatore-25.jpg
…which is eaten with honey just like in Napoli.


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The Neapolitan Pizza is never crispy, very light on the stomach, and soft in the center. You have to fold it to eat it.


Cuomo Salvatore-14.jpg
Chef Salvatore hosted an intimate dinner with the epicures, media, and friends of the Chili’s group.


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Pasta: Homemade Fettuccine with Scampi in Tomato cream sauce (P850 for the full size)

I like the bouncy bite of the fettuccine with just the right tomato cream and a big piece of scampi.  


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Pesce: Neapolitan-style Fish Soup

This is the only dish I did not like, maybe because of the quality of the fish or the other seafood. You can skip this.


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I love how you can smell what’s cooking in the kitchen. You can literally go behind the chef to see how they prepare your food.


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Florentina (T-BONE – P550/ 100g). T-Bone Steak.
Agnello alla Mostarda (P1,500). Charcoal-Grilled Lamb Chops with Mustard Sauce.

The steaks are beautiful and they cook it well based on how you like it.


Cuomo Salvatore-60.jpg
Carne: Charcoal Grilled T-Bone Steak & Lamb Chop

I love the T-Bone steak and how they cook it medium and well grilled. The Lamb chop is good too and fairly priced.


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Love this sexy red wine decanter!


Cuomo Salvatore-67.jpg
Chianti Classico Fontodi DOCG (Sangiovese – P3,800)

I recommend this Sangiovese from Fontondi, Italy, which pairs well with the Italian steak.

For more info, visit


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Opus One (P35,000)

To impress your client or special someone, order this most expensive red wine in their collection.


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Dolce: 7 Kinds of Dessert

We tasted a good selection of desserts. Here’s what we recommend…


Cuomo Salvatore-63.jpg
Tiramisu served with Pistachio Gelato (P380)

The tiramisu is the best among all the desserts and the actual order is served with pistachio gelato. 


Cuomo Salvatore-68.jpg
Amaretto Panna Cotta with Fresh Mango Sauce (P320)

For something light, sweet and refreshing, order this amaretto panna cotta. 


Cuomo Salvatore-69.jpg
Torta Caprese (Chocolate Cake – P380)

This chocolate cake was a bit dense and dry. It tasted like a dark chocolate brownie. It’s OK but we like our chocolate cake moist. 


Cuomo Salvatore-70.jpg 
Japanese Sake

They have a good selection of sake and Japanese whisky to end your meal. 


Cuomo Salvatore-80.jpg
World Champion Paul Bassett Coffee (Black Coffee – P150, White – P180)

One of the highlights of the meal is Paul Bassett’s coffee made from Ethiopian beans roasted in Australia. This is the only place you can have it in Manila. 


Cuomo Salvatore-74.jpg

Many thanks to Chef Salvatore Cuomo and team for the awesome dinner!


Cuomo Salvatore-2.jpg

This is sure to be the place to eat and be seen for a good Italian meal or Neapolitan Pizza in Manila.

I love the ambiance–a fine dining feel but you can still go casually in shorts. It feels communal but private at the same time, since you can find you own separate nook when needed. 

I recommend starting with the Tsukune or Sasami Yakitori and the Caprese con Mozzarella di Bufala, then order the World Champion Winner Pizza “DOC” or Quattro Formaggi for your Neopolitan Pizza. You Must try the Florentina T-Bone steak paired with Chianti Classico Fontodi DOCG Sangiovese. End with Tiramisu served with Pistachio Gelato and the World Champion Paul Bassett Coffee!

Congratulations to the Chef Salvatore Cuomo and the Chili’s Group for the successful opening of Salvatore Cuomo and Bar in Manila!


Uptown Parade Mall, 9th Avenue corner 38th St. (in front of The Palace Pool Club)
Telephone: +632 946-3072
Facebook: Salvatore Cuomo Philippines
Twitter: @salvatore_cuomo
Instagram: @salvatore_cuomo11


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Tim Yap. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. Salvatore Cuomo opens June 2. Make sure to make a reservation already and dine while the Japanese Culinary team of Chef Salvatore is in town.

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