ADOBO MOVEMENT: Making Adobo the National Dish of the Philippines!

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Do you know what the National Dish of the Philippines is? Yes, there is none until now.

DATU PUTI, in partnership with Mercato Centrale and Our Awesome Planet, is launching the Adobo Movement on June 11, Saturday at Mercato Centrale. The #AdoboMovement aims to pass House Bill 3926 declaring Adobo as the Official National Dish of the Philippines.

The launch will showcase the Top 14 Adobo dishes from Mercato vendors featuring the different flavors, creations, and recipes of adobo.

Here’s how you can help and be part of the Adobo Movement…

First step, sign the petition now at

Change.Org Adobo Movement


Second, celebrate the #AdoboMovement with us on June 11, Saturday during the Filipino Independence Day weekend at Mercato Centrale.

Here’s a guide to the Top 14 Adobo dishes to be featured during the Adobo-All-You-Can party… 


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Pork Adobong Laing Pinangat. Two Filipino favorites, Adobo and Laing, in one unique and flavorful dish.


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A creation by Miguel Dayrit, voted as the Best Adobo dish during the #AdoboMovement media preview.



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Crispy Beef Adobo. Makinabang, Baliuag-style beef adobo, deep fried to crispy perfection.


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Chef Raymund Fabre’s dish inspired by heritage adobo from Makinabang, Baliuag, Bulacan.



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Pugon Smoked Pork Adobo. Pork shoulder pugon-smoked for 8 hours, glazed with a rich Cebu-style adobo sauce and garnished with fresh manggang hilaw.


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A collaboration recipe by Matthew See using pork cooked in pugon and then mixed with adobo sauce by Ate Sandra Pipino.



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Adoburger. 100% pure beef adobo patty burger, with kiwi and a special sauce.


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You must try this signature Adobo Burger by Erika Cantor and the Hunger Buster team. 



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Babi Kekap Adobo Nyonya. Classic Filipino adobo infused with Indonesian spices. Served with sambal.


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An Indonesian creation by Lucy and Gershwin Garcia inspired by the sweet flavors of Indonesia and the sour adobo flavors.



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Pork Humba. Classic adobo cooked in pineapple juice and with pineapple tidbits. 


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You’ll love the fatty and saucy flavor of the Pork Humba recipe from Cebu by Celestino Macalalo-oy of Timplador. 



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Adobong Ensalada. A savory salad of adobo flakes, red egg, and ripe mangoes. 


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Adobo flakes recipe by Carlo Religioso mixed with salted egg and mango to be enjoyed as pulutan or as a salad.



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Chicken Adobo with Potato. Traditional adobo made with chicken breast cuts–healthy and Halal!


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This Halal chicken adobo recipe is just in time for the start of Ramadan this June!



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Clear Fat Ninja Adobo Gyoza. Leftover pork adobo shredded and stuffed in gyoza wrappers, pan-fried until crispy underneath and chewy on top. 


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Start with this adobo gyoza creation by Vincent Rocha and Stephen Tan of Fat Ninja.



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Four Way Cooked Chicken Adobo in a Pouch. Shredded chicken boiled in coconut milk and cooked adobo style–wrapped in lumpia wrapper and deep fried.


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Hairstylist Leo Pascual presents this fried adobo dumpling you can dip in different sawsawan.



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Fried Chicken in Adobo Glaze Sauce. Chicken thigh fillets deep fried Korean-style. Glazed with adobo sauce fused with Korean grill pate.


The Adobo Movement-17.jpg
Adobo Korean Fried Chicken-inspired recipe by Tina Lee.



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Adobo sa Puti. A well-known regional twist in Samar to the classic adobo. Pork cuts cooked in garlic, vinegar, and fish sauce.

A heritage adobo recipe from Samar using vinegar and patis by Ate Minerva of House of Crispy. 



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Adobo ala Cabiao. Sisig-style beef adobo wrapped in an omelette.


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A sisig beef adobo recipe inspired by Cabiao Adobo wrapped in an omelette by Chef Francis “Bab” Basa.



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Seafood Adobo. A mix of crab, shrimp, and mussels cooked adobo style and topped with cheese. 


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Seafood in Adobo Sauce by Tess Gonzales. 



Think: mouthwatering Adobo and an appetite for friendly fun. The Datu Puti Adobo Movement is cooking up an exciting lineup of challenges and events to support its thrust to get Adobo its due accolade.

The Datu Puti Adobo Movement was initially created to push for Adobo to be our pambansang ulam. It is a movement that celebrates the cultural heritage of the Adobo dish.

According to the Datu Puti Adobo Movement, all Filipinos across the regions have their own take on the dish, inspired by how the traditional comfort food is prepared by their families based on their flavor preferences and their access to local ingredients.

Adobo Party

Aside from the wide variety of adobo being cooked up, the celebrations at Mercato Centrale on June 11 will also feature a celebration of homegrown talent, all in full support of the advocacy behind the Adobo Movement. The party will be hosted by familiar foodie Tonipet Gaba, and the feast will be made even more festive with musical performances by musical idols Up Dharma Down and Ebe Dancel.

Drop by Mercato Centrale (along 7th avenue and 25th street, across The Forum and in front of the “Between the Lines” art mural) in BGC Taguig on June 11, Saturday, to witness a showdown and showcase of the best of the best of our homegrown talents onstage and behind kitchen doors.


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is a co-presenter of the Adobo Movement. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. Jollibee also launched its latest Chicken Adobo Flakes Yum Burger today June 1. 

Which is yummier: Hungry Buster’s Adoburger or Jollibee’s Adobo Flakes Yum Burger? Decide for yourself on June 11.

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