A Delicious July Roundup (As Shot by LG G6)

Pepita's Buffet
Here’s a roundup of the delicious new restaurant discoveries this July in Manila …


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• A Delicious July Roundup (As Shot by LG G6)

#1 SOUV! by CYMA

SOUV! is a progressive Greek concept focusing on spit fired meat by Chef Robby Goco and the hip restaurant cousin of Cyma. The name is short for Souvlaki referring to grilled skewered meats in Greek cuisine.

Chef Robby Goco did it again! He creates winning restaurant concepts like Cyma, Ristras, Charlie’s, Green Pastures and now Souv! for over a decade now in Manila.

We tried all of Chef Robby’s recommendations and here’s what we love in Souv!

Read more at SOUV! by Cyma with Chef Robby Goco’s Culinary Magic!


📍 Souv! by Cyma  


Greek Nachos📍 Souv! by Cyma

Meat Platter 📍 Souv! by Cyma


You haven’t experienced Filipino Culture until you have been invited and have eaten a Filipino Feast with a Filipino Family at home.

Dedet, known as the Lechon Diva, shows us how to throw a Filipino Feast with style and deliciousness in your own home.

Here’s a photo essay of our Filipino Fiesta experience catered by Pepita’s Kitchen:

Read more at Pepita’s Kitchen: How to Organize a Filipino Feast the Lechon Diva Way?!

Pepita's Buffet
Cebuana Lechon📍Filipino Feast by Pepita’s Kitchen

Bulalo & Oxtail Marmalade📍Filipino Feast by Pepita’s Kitchen

Pepita's Buffet
Stuffed Chicken📍Filipino Feast by Pepita’s Kitchen 




OLD MANILA at The Peninsula Manila is now proudly run by Filipino Chef Allan Briones. They advocate a 50% local/50% international ingredients philosophy, delivering a “sophisticated market” menu to their discerning clientele. 

The CCA-alumni worked and trained under legendary Chef Marco Pierre White in London, who trained notable chefs like Mario Batali and Gordon Ramsay. He worked for prestigious hotel restaurants in Dubai before coming home to Manila to work at The Peninsula Manila in Banquet before being promoted from within to head Old Manila

Here’s our first-hand experience of Chef Allan Briones’ fine dining cuisine in Old Manila…

Read more at OLD MANILA by New Filipino Head Chef Allan Briones! (Photo Essay)

OLD MANILA by Chef Allan Briones

Miso-glazed Chilean Sea Bass📍 Old Manila, Peninsula Manila


Beef Tartare and Bone Marrow 📍 Old Manila, Peninsula Manila

OLD MANILA by Chef Allan Briones

Frozen Key Lime “Pie”📍 Old Manila, Peninsula Manila 



 is a progressive gastropub concept in Salcedo by Chef Ian Padilla of La Girolle fame. The name is inspired by the communal dining habits of foodie bar goers.

We’ve missed Chef Ian Padilla’s tasting menus and casual fine cuisine from the La Girolle days. We are happy he’s back in the Manila scene with a fresh new concept in the former location of Chef Sau’s Le Bistro Vert, beside Fraser place.

We tried Chef Ian’s The Common Table food during the soft opening and here’s what we think…

Read more at THE COMMON TABLE @ SALCEDO: Progressive Gastropub by Chef Ian Padilla! (First Look)

Common Table Oysters

Uni & Truffle Oysters📍 The Common Table at Salcedo 

The Common Table Salpicao

Wagyu Salpicao Cubes 📍 The Common Table at Salcedo

The Common table Lemon Tart

Caramelized Lemon Tart 📍 The Common Table at Salcedo



Gelāre, known for the best natural ice cream and waffles in Perth, Australia, opens its flagship All-Day Breakfast and Dessert Cafe in the cinema level of Uptown Mall. The name is an Italian word for the final step in the process of making ice cream which means “to freeze” or “congeal.

The ice cream is prepared using real milk and cream, with real flavor and no artificial ingredients. It has a creamy smooth and dense (with less air) texture. The waffle is crunchy on the outside and has a good bite. The waffle & ice cream combination is irresistible.

We tried almost all the flavors and most items on the menu, and here are our favorites:

Read more at GELARE Philippines: The Best Ice Cream & Waffles in Perth, now in Manila!


Waffle and Ice Cream📍Gelare Philippines


Waffle & Buttermilk Chicken with Gravy📍Gelare Philippines 

Gelare-13Waffle with Honey Malt Crunch📍Gelare Philippines 



Irving’s is the All-Day Dining male version of Cafe Juanita serving Filipino, Asian and American cuisine. It’s named after the lively Irving Street lined up with cafes in the Sunset district of San Francisco, California.

The restaurateur team of Doc Boy Vazquez and son, Jun Bormate created a more refined and relevant comfort food that the new generation of diners can enjoy.We love the desserts, and it is one of the best in the Brgy. Kapitolyo neighborhood. 

Here’s what we love at Irving’s by Cafe Juanita …

Read more at IRVING’S by Cafe Juanita: Asian American Comfort Food and the Best Desserts in Brgy. Kapitolyo!


Mango Crepe Samurai 📍 Irvings by Cafe Juanita 


Crispy Beef Ribs with Sinigang Sauce 📍 Irvings by Cafe Juanita 


Churros📍 Irvings by Cafe Juanita

LG G6 Blog Post Series:

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• A Delicious July Roundup (As Shot by LG G6)


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P.S. Manila looks forward to the French Month of July when Sofitel Manila celebrates Bastille Day (July 14) and everything about the French Culture.

Sofitel French Dinner

Stuffed Lamb saddle, “Prince Noir” vegetables tian📍 Tout à la Française at Sofitel Manila

I’m always excited about the French culinary personalities they would invite to Manila, like a Cheesemaster, a Michelin Star Chef or a Chef Instructor like this year’s honored guest, Chef Patrick Terrien.

Here’s a photo essay of the 4-course French Degustation French Wine Dinner

Read more at A Taste of Paris in Manila with Chef Patrick Terrien! @SofitelManila

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