HOBBIT TAVERN: Dining with the Happiest Hobbits in Boracay!


Hobbit Tavern is a specialty restaurant serving a wide array of international dishes at D’Mall in Boracay. Formerly known as The Hobbit House, it is now under the management of Freddie and Karen Elizalde, and Virgilio and Jeanette Sacdalan of Boracay Kelana Food Corp.

The Hobbit Tavern is most popular for their “Hobbit” waiters, based on the popular characters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.” Most of these hobbits have been working at the tavern for years already and have a good grasp of attending to customers’ requests, and are always ready to pose for a picture or two with the guests.

We tried their bestsellers and here’s what we loved…


D’Mall Boracay
Facebook: Hobbit Tavern Boracay
Mobile: +63 917 714-6863

Unlike in the book, the hobbits here do not live in a hole in the ground. Hobbit Tavern can easily be distinguished from the rest of the restaurants in D’Mall by its high roofs and barrels by the entrance.



The place caters to both locals and tourists, so you’ll see signs like these in different languages around the perimeter.

Check out Hobbit Tavern Menu.



Freddie Elizalde, the owner, is also an artist. All the replicas of classic paintings displayed in the restaurant were done by him.

Displayed here is The Scream by Edward Munch and The Starry Night by Van Gogh.



They also have a great lineup of artists everyday, playing a mix of old and pop music that guests can jam to.



Our server, Kuya Enting, has been with Hobbit Tavern for 3 years already. Despite being little, Kuya Enting is a big ball of energy as he kept us laughing through dinner with his antics.

Although we had very little interaction with the rest of the hobbits as it was a busy night, it was evident through their constant smiles and greetings that they were happy to serve all the guests.




Mixed Oysters (₱450)Oysters served four different ways.

It is imperative to order a seafood dish when you’re in an island. My favorite version is the fried oyster and the one with apple mignonette.



Beef Cheese Balls (₱380). Beef floss, potato, and cheese croquettes with spicy barbecue sauce.

Great bite-size appetizer. The sauce was not too spicy.



Shepherd Pie (₱650)Layered casserole of ground beef and veggies topped with cheese.

Not as greasy as I was expecting, and the cheese cuts through the richness of the meat. Eat this with the bread served on the side while you wait for your mains.




Beef Tenderloin (₱1,390). Served with Belgian chips and buttered vegetables.

I loved this! Served straight from the grill and cooked medium, the beef just melts in your mouth. The chips are also well-seasoned.



Flaming Dragon Bones (₱1,500)Slow braised and roasted ribs, flambéd tableside.

Once served, a shot of rum is poured on the plate and fire is added. Theatrics aside, the ribs were tender and had a good smoky flavor from the flambé. 




Fried Ice Cream (₱250). Deep-fried ice cream rolls.

Think of it as spring rolls, but instead of a thin crispy wrapper you get bread, and instead of meat you have ice cream. I found the bread to be quite thick, but I think that’s essential so the ice cream doesn’t ooze out when frying.



Apple Pie (₱300). Served with two scoops of ice cream.

Odd choice of ice cream by going with the mango flavor, but it worked surprisingly well. There’s a generous amount of apples hiding beneath the ice cream. A great way to end our meal and cleanse our palate.




Overall, we loved the food at Hobbit Tavern, and more so the servers. Everything was served with a smile and Boracay hospitality.

It’s best to go here at night; the music and atmosphere is ideal for unwinding after a long day filled with island activities. Don’t forget to talk to the hobbits, and take a picture or two–they love it! 

Food is pricier compared to other joints on the island, but the ambiance, music, and the servers make it all worth it. Don’t miss out on the Shepherd’s Pie, Flaming Dragon Bones, and Apple Pie. Budget at ₱ 1,000/head. 

Give Hobbit Tavern a try on your next trip to Boracay!


D’Mall Boracay
Facebook: Hobbit Tavern Boracay
Mobile: +63 917 714-6863

Live an Awesome Life,


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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Hobbit Tavern. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Don’t sleep on their drinks…they serve good sangrias!


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