LITTLE FLOUR: Brunch All Day by Wild Flour! (Review)

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LITTLE FLOUR is the younger sister of Wild Flour serving all-day brunch at the brand new World Plaza Building. It’s similar to Wild Flour as far as its breads, pastries, and breakfast favorites are concerned, but with addition of Filipino rice bowl breakfast options and Filipino desserts.

We recently had a lunch meeting with The Choice Awards 2018 team here. Read on for what we think of Little Flour BGC…


G/F World Plaza Building, 4th Ave corner 31st St, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig  
Telephone: +632 777-7383
Instagram: @littleflourcafe
Operating Hours: 6am to 10pm daily (soon to be 24 hours)

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Little Flour Menu: Brunch All DayDesserts and Drinks

The place is spacious and conducive for meetings or even casual encounters. It was not crowded when we visited during the peak lunch hour, which is surprising for a Wild Flour concept restaurant.


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The chair chandeliers are the centerpiece of the design. I’m interested to know about the story behind these chairs.


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You can get all the Wildflour signature breads, pastries, ube ensaimada, and cronuts here!  


Bacon Butter Baguette (P60)

We started our lunch with their crunchy baguette and signature bacon butter. We love restaurants that elevate the butter experience in Manila. 


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Pork Adobo Fried Rice (P450 – Sharing). Pork Adobo, Fried Egg, Pickled Vegetables, Garlic Rice.

We decided to order the sharing bowl of “adobosilog” served with a generous portion of brown rice but just two big pieces of pork adobo (the rest of the pork were smaller pieces mixed into the rice). 

The adobo rice was the best among the rice bowls we tried but for its price, we expected it to have more pork meat.


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Sisig Rice Bowl (P420 – Sharing). Braised Pig’s head, Onions, Chilies, Fried Egg.

The sisig bowl was surprisingly good, with the bits and pieces of sisig mixed with the rice. But it seems you’re paying more for the brown rice than the sisig.


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Fried Chicken and Biscuits (P380). Leg and Thigh, Biscuit, Bacon Gravy.

The chicken was cooked well with the meat still juicy, but the flavor was bland without the bacon gravy. 

The biscuit was so tasty that it overpowered the chicken even without the honey.


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Lechon Manok (P380). Organic Roast Chicken, Fried Egg, Pickled Vegetables, Garlic Rice.

The roasted chicken rice bowl is served with 1/4 organic chicken, which doesn’t taste any better, but is healthier.


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Little Flour is great place to have lunch meetings thanks to their nice big tables and better acoustics compared to most restaurants. Watch out for The Choice Awards 2018!


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Hazelnut Hot Chocolate (P180) 

Creamy hazelnut flavored hot chocolate to end your meal on a sweet note. 


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Cassava Cake (P160/slice)

The Cassava Cheesecake is so good, you have to order this immediately when you arrive. I like the fine creamy texture of the cassava and the fact that you can add some coco jam to complete it.


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Little Flour is essentially still Wild Flour with the addition of serving Filipino comfort food, perhaps to stay in theme with their Filipino Sari-Sari Store concept in Downtown LA. It’s a lot bigger than the original Wildflour in BGC, making it a better choice for small group meetings when you are in the area.

We love the Adobo Rice and the Sisig Rice Bowl, but I agree with Spanx that a combination of the Sisig toppings plus the Adobo Rice would be so much better. Their bowls are just a bit expensive compared to alternatives like Recovery Food, but I do like the overall ambiance of Little Flour.

Budget about P450/head. I would go here for the coffee, hot chocolate, and their cassava cake and dessert/pastry creations any time.

Congratulations to the Wild Flour group for another winning little café concept in BGC!


G/F World Plaza Building, 4th Ave corner 31st St, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig  
Telephone: +632 777-7383
Instagram: @littleflourcafe
Operating Hours: 6am to 10pm daily (soon to be 24 hours)


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: We paid for our meal. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. You have to enter via 4th Avenue to get here as you cannot pass through the World Plaza Building from 5th Avenue.  

2 thoughts on “LITTLE FLOUR: Brunch All Day by Wild Flour! (Review)

  1. Food wasn’t as good in their Salcedo branch. Burnt baguette from the lasagna and butter bacon, burnt crust from cassava cake and brioche French toast, lasagna was one of the worst I’ve tasted. The only good tasting food was the adobo rice, but still it only had one piece of pork for a hefty price of 290php, it has loads of rice though.

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