Best Restaurants in Czech Republic! (and Where to Find Them according to World’s Best Travel Bloggers)

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We asked our travel blogging friends during our recent trip to Czech Republic for the TBEX Ostrava conference on what are their best and most memorable restaurants during their trip. This is a collaboration post to help add to your foodie bucket list on our next trip to Czech Republic.

Here are the Best Restaurants in Czech Republic according to the World’s Best Travel Bloggers:


Coda Restaurant
Photos and text by Mike Shubic of

Coda Restaurant - Mike Shubic.jpg

Coda Restaurant is an impeccable dining experience situated within (and above) the 5-star Aria Hotel, which is located in the heart of Lesser Town. They offer both traditional Czech cuisine as well as a refined international dishes as well as a tasting menu that can be paired with the perfect wine.

Weather permitting, I recommend trying to get reservations for the rooftop, which provides unprecedented views of Prague. From the creative dishes to the stupendous service and the romantic rooftop terrace, Coda is a symphony of excellence you will not soon forget.

Coda Restaurant - Mike.jpg

Pikeperch with Shrimp in a cauliflower purée (760 Kč) with fermented radish, herbs and a Beurré Blanc.

The meal for two with appetizers, entrees and a bottle of wine and bottled water was around 3700 Kč ($165) with tip.


Coda Restaurant
Photos and text by Cat Rufino of

Crispy Oven Roasted Duck.jpg

The best food I had in Prague would have to be during my stay in Aria Hotel Prague by Library Hotel Collection. I enjoyed every meal in their Coda Restaurant where you can dine on the top of the terrace with a 360-degree view of the entire Prague.

For lunch, I chose the traditional Czech Cuisine called Crispy Oven Roasted Duck (695 Kč) which came with Sauerkraut, Steamed Red Cabbage, South Bohemian Row Potato Dumplings, and fried onion. The duck had so much flavor without being too salty as many ducks often taste and not too oily being baked perfectly. The meat was succulently tender on the inside.

Coda Cat - Chickpeas Hummus.jpg

Last day in Prague I chose from the Lunch Menu called ” Symphony ” with an option for a 2-course experience which cost 490Kč or a 3-course experience for 590 Kč. I went for the 3-course experience.

For the starters, I had the Chickpeas hummus with Sun-dried tomatoes, green Cilantro, and Sumac. Such a nice a refreshing treat for vegetarians.

Coda Cat - Chicken Supreme.jpg

For my main course, I ordered the Chicken Supreme which came with Mush Potato, Sauteed Carrots, Leeks. It was probably the best dish I have ever had.

Coda Cat - Chocolate Pudding.jpg

For Dessert, I tried the Chocolate Pudding which had coconut Tapioca, Raspberries, Cinnamon Biscuit. A dark indulgence that was worth the calories!


CODA Restaurant
Tržiště 9, 118 00 Praha 1
Telephone: +420 225 334 761
Facebook: CODA Restaurant
Instagram: @codarestaurant

Operating Hours:
Monday – Sunday 07.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Terrace from 12.00 nn – 11:00 pm

The restaurant is open all year round. Rooftop Terrace is open from April 1 – October 31. Weather permitted

Photo and text by Maria Haase of Europe Up Close


If you are looking for Czech food with a modern twist, ESKA is the place to be. This Bib Gourmand recipient feels like a breath of fresh air after sitting in the traditional dark wood-paneled beer halls that offer almost identical menus. The light and airy design and fun decor is welcoming and fresh – a casual place where you want to meet up with your friends on a summer day, sip some of their homemade fermented lemonades and indulge in some delicious food.

On our visit, we shared the lentil soup, a sour cream soup with ash potatoes and a fish stew with dill sauce and of course tried their freshly baked bread. All three of the dishes were mouthwatering, decent portions and served in stunning glazed earthward bowls. The bread is a dark, crusty loaf that you rip apart and smear with lightly salted butter. Just the bread alone is worth a visit to ESKA.

Farm-to-table is not a modern concept in the Czech Republic, it is how people have cooked for centuries. The menu at ESKA mirrors this way of cooking and is based on what is fresh and in season in the region. Differently, than most traditional Czech restaurants, ESKA does not shy away from vegetarian dishes, which highlight the farm-fresh ingredients and are a nice change after gorging on some meat-heavy dishes.

If you are looking for something different and a little lighter, but still want to eat Czech food, ESKA is a great choice.

Pernerova 49, 186 00 Prague 8 – Karlín
Telephone: +420 731 140 884
Facebook: Eska
Instagram: @eska_karlin

Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday 08.00 am – 11:30 pm
Saturday – Sunday 09.00 am – 11:30 pm


Lokál Dlouhááá
Photos and text by Rebecca Rayner of Rayner En Route


If what you’re looking for is authentic Czech cuisine at a cost the local’s love then Lokál Dlouhááá is a must visit restaurant in a handy central Old Town location. The industrial decor and setting is home to warm and friendly servers who won’t judge you for ordering two main course (how can you not when fried cheese is on the menu?) They’ll also recommend which beer to try to really compliment your food.


I had the fried cheese served with tartar sauce, pork shoulder braised in mushrooms with steamed rice and a homemade strawberry lemonade.

Delicious mains are under 130 Kč

Lokál Dlouhááá
Dlouhá 33, 110 00 Prague 1
Telephone: +420 734 283 874

Opening hours:
Monday-Saturday, 11.00 am-01.00 am
Sunday, 11.00 am-12:00 mn


Photos and text by Gürhan Kara of Tadinda Seyahat

sansho prag (2)-min.jpg

I am an Asian Food lover. So wherever I travel, I try to go and try an Asian restaurant in that city. Prague was no exception. I did my homework and found this amazing restaurant called Sansho. It is a pan-Asian restaurant in Prague owned by Chef Paul Day. They offer a la carte menu for lunch and tasting menu for dinner.

sansho prag (3)-min.jpg

I had the tasting menu which is composed of 6 amazing plates including soft shell bao and coconut mussels. Each plate was delicious. If you ever visit Prague, you should definitely go to this best Asian restaurant in the city!

With a glass of wine, the tasting menu cost 1140 Kč

Sansho Restaurant
Petrská 25, 110 00 Praha
Telephone: +420 739 592 336

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: Lunch 11.30 am – 2.00 pm, Dinner 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Closed Sundays and Mondays


Photo and text by Veronika Primm of Travel Geekery

Javanka in Prague_Veronika TravelGeekery.jpg

I have a favorite Asian restaurant in the Vinohrady neighborhood where I live in Prague – it’s called Javánka. Essentially an Asian fusion restaurant, it’s mostly Indonesian dishes that the bistro prepares.

I have two favorites: If I’m really hungry, I go for Opor for CZK176 – it’s turkey pieces cooked in coconut milk, with a generous heap of rice and a lovely lettuce & tofu salad. When I want only something very light, I choose Sayur Lodeh soup for CZK135 – a veggie broth combined with coconut milk, buckwheat or rice base, noodles, mungo beans and spices. Yum!

You’ll absolutely love the fresh-looking interior of the bistro, with large wallpapers with a jungle motive.

Máchova 22, 101 00 Praha-Vinohrady
Telephone: +420 251 550 249, +420 734 823 519
Facebook: Javánka and Co.

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday: 11.00 am – 11.00 pm
Sunday: 12.00 nn – 6.00 pm


Photo and text by Veronika Primm of Travel Geekery

Cafefin in Prague_Veronika TravelGeekery.jpg

It’s been about 10 years since Vietnamese cuisine has become very popular in Prague. However, most of the restaurants have not kept up with the modern ‘hipsterish’ times and are thus often ignored by millennial.

There’s one Vietnamese family that got it right with their authentic Vietnamese restaurants. Caféfin is their first café and it serves delicious food as well. The interior is trendy and stylish and they even serve avotoasts 🙂

My favorite is their Bún bò Nam Bộ, a bowl of noodles with beef, a spring roll and lots of veggies. It costs around 160 Kč.

You’ll find Caféfin at the Square Jiřího z Poděbrad, right on the border between the Vinohrady and Žižkov districts.

I’m sure after all the heavy Czech food you’ll try in Prague and the Czech Republic, it will feel like a fresh breeze to have a different cuisine. After all, even us locals in Prague rarely eat Czech every day.

Nám. Jiřího z Poděbrad 4, 120 00, Praha 2
Facebook: Cafefin

Operating Hours:
Monday – Saturday 8.00 am – 9.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am – 7.30 pm


Photo and text by Charlie & Kristina of MapTrotting

Cofein Restaurant in Prague.jpg

We highly recommend popping into Kofein, a family run tapas restaurant on a quiet street in Prague’s funky Vinohrady neighborhood. We dined here twice during our brief visit to the capital of the Chech Republic and have to say it was the best tapas experience outside Bilbao in Spain.

The tapas here are varied enough to suit anyone’s tastes. Whether you are a vegetarian or love your meat, you’ll find something fresh and tasty. Both times we enjoyed our well-prepared food, beer and wine, and the chilled ambiance. Maybe not the cheapest of places to eat but it’s a hidden gem you should visit for a relaxing evening in Prague.

Kofein Resturant
Nitranska 9, 130 00 Prague 3
Telephone: +420 273 132 145
Facebook: Kofein Restaurant

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 11.00 am – 12.00 mn
Saturday – Sunday 5.00 am – 12.00 mn


Holešovická Kozlovna
Photos and text Alex Trembath of Career Gappers

Holešovická Kozlovna – Tradiční zelňačka.jpg

Holešovická Kozlovna is a traditional Czech beer-house restaurant tucked away in Prague’s trendy Holešovice district, north of the river from the Old Town.

Seated in its lively outdoor courtyard, I had a traditional sauerkraut soup with smoked sausage in preparation for the showpiece: the Czech classic, svíčková na smetaně. Of the many times I’ve sampled this dish – beef sirloin in cream sauce with dumplings – this was the stand-out.

The tenderness of the meat and the consistency of the sauce were flawless, and the portions just right to satisfy without leaving me bloated. A scattering of bacon scraps, cranberries and a dollop of whipped cream topped it off in indulgent style.

Starter: tradiční zelňačka (traditional sauerkraut soup), 69 Kč
Main: svíčková na smetaně (beef sirloin in cream sauce), 199 Kč
Drink: large Kozel beer, 39 Kč
Total bill: 307 Kč

Restaurant Holešovická Kozlovna
Dělnická 28, Praha 7 Holešovice
Telephone: +420 220 875 900 / +420 777 201 770
FacebookHolešovická Kozlovna

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 11.00 am – 11.00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 11.30 am – 11.00 pm


Photo and text by Mark and Kylee of These Foreign Roads


Often the best spots to find a nice, local meal are in obscure little spots in lesser-visited parts of town. Arter is one of these places. Only a quick metro journey to the outskirts of downtown Prague, you’ll find this comfortable little restaurant filled with chatting locals.

While the daily set menus at around 70Kč make for a delicious and inexpensive lunch option, the real star is the pork knee. Perfectly seasoned, deboned and slow roasted, this juicy pile of pork needs no knife. The juicy meat shreds easily with a subtle drawing of your fork.

The crispy skin backed with buttery-soft fat is contrasted wonderfully by the freshly grated horseradish, tangy mustard and sharp kick of the pickled chilli peppers. For only 160Kč, this platter feeds two people comfortably, a deal you’ll be hard-pressed to beat in the city centre.

Za Černým Mostem 1526/17, 198 00 Praha 9 – Kyje
Telephone: +420 281 940 194


Photo and text by Jan Petersen of TBEX


Patti and I arrived at Babetti shortly before closing on Saturday evening, and were greeted with a warm welcome and a menu that we soon discovered would be a feast for the senses.

This small Italian restaurant in the heart of Ostrava is owned by Lucie Nováková, a chef and restaurant manager who received extensive training in the UK. She and her husband grow much of the restaurant’s ingredients in their garden, and carefully source the remaining fresh, organic ingredients through regional farmers and suppliers. Patti and I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with Lucie and her husband, where they explained their mission to offer deeply flavorful traditional Italian cuisine using the freshest ingredients possible, while modernizing those dishes with Lucie’s creative ability to add new and inventive twists to them.

A tray of Bruschetta Pomodoro arrived at our table first, and was infused with rich flavors of marinated tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, tangy onion, and peppery basil that had been piled delicately onto warm slices of toasted baguette.

The restaurant’s Insalata Primavera blended fresh greens, lusciously creamy goat cheese Rondin, more bright red cherry tomatoes, slivers of onion, and crispy Pancetta with a mild yet incredibly flavorful champagne vinaigrette. The salad burst with organically grown ‘garden to fork’ flavors – there was absolutely no doubt the ingredients were selected from the garden earlier that day.

Our main course offered selections including several rustic pizzas topped with spicy Ventricina salami, chicken marinated in Rosé Harissa or ham, portabella and mascarpone. But our eyes landed on the menu’s pasta selections including traditional Lasagne Bolognese, Tagliatelle Carbonara and Casareccia Gorgonzola. Patti and I shared the Gnocchi Pesto Funghi, a mouthwatering bowl of tiny housemade dumplings tossed in basil pesto laced with garlic, buttery champignons, and wild mushrooms that were packed with earthy flavors. Savoring the final bites of gnocchi, we both agreed it was perhaps the best we’ve ever enjoyed. We also concurred that Lucie is clearly accomplishing the mission of Babetti, the restaurant she conceptualized and created in 2015, with brilliant success!

Nádražní 756/49, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz
Telephone: +420 591 153 112
Facebook: @babetticentrum
Instagram: @lucianbabetti

Operating Hours:
Wednesday – Thursday: 12.00 nn – 10.00 pm
Friday – Saturday: 12.00 nn – 11.00 pm
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – closed


Hogo Fogo Bistro
Photo and Text by Jean Cheney of


Hidden behind a red brick walled sits one of Ostrava’s most infamous and delightful places to find yourself lost in. Whilst the exterior and indeed Ostrava itself may be more remiss of an industrial time gone by Hogo Fogo brings to this city a simple and elegant hideaway.

From the moment you walk into the pristine garden, cooled with the overhanging trees, you know that you’re going to be in for a treat. The staff is warm and welcoming. The menu here is basic but well thought out. Changing every week dependent on local produce. Paired with a petite beer and wine selection.

Hogo Fogo Bistro
Sokolská tř. 871/6, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Czechia
Telephone: +420 774 854 665
Facebook: HogoFogo Bistro
Instagram: @hogofogobistro

Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday 11.30 pm – 11:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: closed


Vaše Prasátko
Photos and text by Summer Brons Rylander of Eat Something Go Somewhere


Ostrava’s Stodolní Street may be famous for its plentiful booze and late-nights-turned-early-mornings, but the real gem of this party locale is a tiny restaurant called Vaše Prasátko. The name translates in English to “you’re a piggy” (quite accurate in my case as I ate here four times in four days) and is co-owned by two pork-passionate lads, Martin and Vlastimil.

The concept of Vaše Prasátko is simplicity, and there’s no translation necessary for salty, juicy, slow-roasted pork.


I tried both sandwiches on offer during my time in Ostrava: the first a pulled pork burger with pickled veggies and an herbed crème frâiche that dripped down my wrist with each incredible bite; the other a pork fat-baked bun filled with crunchy, house-made coleslaw, their magical pork pulled straight from the hog (only on Fridays!) and topped with a tangy blueberry sauce that ties the whole thing together so beautifully I began mentally planning my relocation to Ostrava for unfettered access to this restaurant. Price: 111-149 Kč

Vaše Prasátko
Stodolní 3, Ostrava 702 00
Telephone: +420 774 102 042
FacebookVaše prasátko

BRNO’s Die Küche
Photo and Text by Wendy Werneth of The Nomadic Vegan

Pulled jackfruit burger Die Kuche Brno.jpg

I knew that Prague was an incredibly vegan-friendly city, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Brno has just as much, if not more, to offer plant-based eaters. Of all the great meals I enjoyed in the city, the one that stands out the most was at an all-vegan restaurant called Die Küche.

Die Küche is inside Kabinet Múz, which is a popular art gallery, music venue and performing arts center in Brno. Everything I tried there was amazing — the jackfruit burger, the sweet potato fries, and the caprese salad made with the most convincing vegan mozzarella I’ve ever tasted. The portions were so huge that I couldn’t even finish the fries, which is highly unusual for me! Mains were about 100-120 Kč.

Die Küche
Kabinet múz, Sukova 4, Brno, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 608 022 126

Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11.00 am – 2.00 pm, 2.30 pm – 7.00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: closed


Photo and text by Nathan Aguilera of Foodie Flashpacker


During my time in Cesky Krumlov my favorite restaurant was Na Louzi. Even though it is located near the main tourist hub, you can find it filled with locals- always a good sign!

This is one of the best places in town to try traditional Czech recipes, including the roasted duck served with purple cabbage and herbed dumplings that I tried the day I was there.

The duck was tender and the cabbage was perfectly cooked. Also, I much prefer these herbed bread dumplings to the kind without herbs- they have so much flavor.

Also, be sure to ask for a local Czech beer to go along with your lunch- Czech Republic is producing some of the best beers in the world!

Hotel Na louži
Kájovská 66, 381 01 Český Krumlov
Telephone: +420 380 711 280


LIBEREC’s Jested Tower Restaurant
Photos and text by Dave Brett of Travel Dave UK

Traveldaveuk Liberec Region, Jested tower  1.jpg

A highlight to visiting the region of Liberec has to be the fine dining experience on offer at the Jested tower. Construction of this unique TV tower started in 1963 and the idea was to also open up an exclusive hotel and restaurant on top of the Jested mountain. Many visitors often mistake the building for a spaceship due to its interesting and unique design and make for a perfect dining experience during sunset.

Traveldaveuk Liberec Region, Jested tower  3.jpg

One dish you must try on the menu that is unique to the Czech Republic is the fried chicken liver dumplings (in Czech: polevka z jatrove knedlicky).

It’s a popular dish to have in the region to enjoy as a starter before you move onto your main dish, usually best paired with a duck dish or pork fillet.

Traveldaveuk Liberec Region, Jested tower  2.jpg

Jested tower serves as a dominant attraction in the city and as a place to oversee stunning views of the surrounding Bohemia paradise from this unique building.

Hotel Ještěd
Horní Hanychov 153, 460 08 Liberec 8
Telephone: +420 485 104 291 / +420 605 292 563
FacebookHotel Ještěd

Operating Hours:
Monday – Sunday 10.00 am to 11.45 pm


OLOMOUC’s Entrée Restaurant
Photo and text by Auburn Scallon, co-author Moon Guide to Prague, Vienna, & Budapest

Entree Restaurant.jpg

Tell me that a place has been awarded “The Best Restaurant in the Czech Republic” and I go in
skeptical, but Entrée lives up to the hype. An open kitchen dominates the dining room, a stage
for the choreographed dance of the tattooed staff. The plates of artwork that emerge are every
bit as delicious as they look – red pepper soup, baked potato bites with hey-infused foam, and
trout in avocado cream. Patience when catering to dietary restrictions is impressive for a
country often knocked for a lack of service, and Entrée defies that stereotype at every step.

Cost: 950 Kč tasting menu (optional 525 Kč wine pairing)

Entree Restaurant
Ostravská 1, 779 00 Olomouc
Telephone: +420 585 312 440
Facebook: Entree Restaurant

Operating Hours:
Monday – Sunday 11.00 am – 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm – 12 mn


HLUBOKA’s Bramboracky
Photos and text by Bret Love & Mary Gabbett of Green Global Travel

Hluboka Town Square.jpg

Bramboracky, a savory potato pancake, is a traditional dish you can find at virtually any restaurant in the Czech Republic. But the best version we sampled during our two weeks in the country was at Solidní Šance, sitting on a picturesque patio on the historic square in Hluboka.


The pancake was massive and perfectly textured, with a crispy, crunchy exterior and a chewy inside that burst with fresh, natural flavors (including garlic, marjoram, and caraway). Like most great Czech dishes, Bramboracky is simple but delicious, using just 6-7 ingredients.

We can’t wait to try making our guide’s grandmother’s recipe!


BROD NAD DYJI’s Penzion Pastuška cafe
Photos and text by Eulanda & Omo Osagiede of Hey Dip Your Toes In


Located in Brod nad Dyjí (village in South Moravia), Penzion Pastuška cafe is an atmospheric cafe with a thoughtfully designed rustic outdoor dining area. Connected to the guesthouse with the same name, guests naturally enjoy the opportunity to dine in the perfect countryside setting.


Under the direction of brothers brothers Marek and Michal Lípa, Penzion Pastuška features Southern Moravian specialities, as well as wine produced in their family winery Vino Lipa Mikulov.

In terms of the price point, I found the food and wine prices to be extremely reasonable. I had a hearty vegan soup for 49 Kč (£1.70/$2.18). A bottle of late harvest Riesling will only run you 249 Kč (£8.68/$11.08).

The cafe is a perfect stop for cyclist and road trippers exploring the region.

Guesthouse Pastuška
Brod nad Dyjí 228, 691 81
Telephone: +420 777 677 730 / +420 608 830 355

Opening Hours:
Open Daily from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm


Photos and text by Jane and Duncan of To Travel Too


Le Marche in the spa town of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic has been awarded the title of one of the top 100 restaurants in 2015, 2016 and 2017. As part of our TBEX Fam Trip, we were delighted to enjoy our last night dining out under the stairs in their courtyard. The setting was enchanting and the food simply divine. The 3-course dinner menu changes depending on the season and what is available at the market. To my delight, they catered well for vegetarians.

My 3-course vegetarian menu started with delicious locally grown greens with wild rocket and pesto dressing as the entree. The region is well known for mushrooms and the vegetarian main consisted of a variety of locally grown mushrooms on a brioche roll with basil sauce.  Their signature raspberry sorbet dessert completed a very tasty, fresh menu of local seasonal produce.

Restaurace Le Marché
Mariánskolázěnská 4 360 01 Karlovy Vary
Telephone: +420 730 133 695

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday 12.00 am – 10.00 pm
Sunday Closed

Lunches: 12 nn to 3.00 pm
Dinners: from 6.00 pm


Thank you for all our travel blogger friends who contributed in this collaboration post!


Live an Awesome Life,

Disclosure: This is a collaboration post with Travel Bloggers who attended TBEX Ostrava.  

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