10 Filipino Food Favorites to Enjoy this Filipino Food Month!

What is your favorite cuisine? I always answer “Filipino Food,” and this has been our comfort food throughout the quarantine period. In celebration of the Filipino Month this April, we wanted to feature the 10 favorite Filipino foods we enjoyed with our family during these times.


Cajun Chubby Crab & Shrimps Bucket

Nothing beats fresh crabs and shrimps in zesty garlic or chili cajun sauce, eating them with your hands and licking the sauce off your fingers. Ang sarap! We usually pair these with turmeric adlai and request for extra chili sauce.

Chubby Crab
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Authentic Bicol Pinangat

My Bicolano mom is always looking for authentic Bicolano food, and the only one that passed her taste buds is Que Rica’s authentic Bicolano food from the same family behind the famous Bigg’s. My mom’s favorite is the pinangat simmered to perfection in low firewood. These freshly-picked elaborate layers of taro leaves are secured by strips of coconut leaves with added chili to cut through the creaminess of the gata (coconut cream).

Que Rica
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Smoked Beef Pares

The queens of The Smoke Station did it again with their new innovation of smoked beef brisket turned into pares! The sauce itself is quite good, and the smoky beef chunks go well with our turmeric adlai.

Smoke Station PH
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The Coffee Shop Original Pinoy Spaghetti

When Dedet, the Lechon Diva, had a Zoom birthday celebration, she sent us the iconic Pinoy Spaghetti of The Coffee Shop of Makati Supermarket. This continues to be the best Pinoy spaghetti ever with the right amount of sweetness and red hotdogs that invoke childhood memories and the good old days.

The Coffee Shop @ Makati Supermart Alabang
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Sariwa’s Sinigang Box

Sariwa offers their popular Sinigang Box with market fresh vegetables and Heathy Village’s organic sinigang mix. The Singing Box—with okra, red onion, sili panigang, sitaw, raddish, eggplant, tomato, kangkong and gabi—is good for 4 to 6.

Farmers Market
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Chicken Java and Turmeric Rice

We were finally able to make Chicken Java sauce made with peanut butter, ketchup, toyo, sugar and garlic, thanks to Chef Tatung’s Simpol recipes. We also learned how to make turmeric rice, so the turmeric adlai is now a staple on our family table.

Kahit sino kayang magluto, Basta SIMPOL! ❤️
Instagram: @lutongsimpol


Edward’s Mussels & Shrimps

Generous serving of mussels with creamy secret sauce and shrimps with creamy garlic sauce best paired with rice. You’ll surely wipe everything out, from the mussels to the shrimps to their sauces! No diet for now; sauce pa lang ulam na. 🙂

Edward’s Mussels
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Ate D Food House

Ate Dor’s Batchoy

Batchoy is life. For those times when you are down or when the days ahead seem gloomy, this hot batchoy will surely perk you up and inspire you to go on with life’s challenges. We learned to do it at home, thanks to Ate Dors. We usually serve it deconstructed and make-your-own-batchoy style at home.

Call Ate Dors at +63 955 0629806 or Ate Ging +63 926 9307550 for Batchoy, Lomi and home cooked meals.


Black Pusit

When we need to escape from home, we drive to tagaytay and enjoy Caviteno food by Asiong’s in an open dining setup amidst the Silang greenery. Our favorite is the black pusit paired with their famous and original pancit pusit.

Established in Cavite City in 1960. Now transferred to Buenavista Street, Bucal 4118 Silang, Philippines
+63 918 565 2691
Facebook: @AsiongSilangCavite


Casa Bernas Kutsinta

Growing up in Laguna, I remember enjoying puto and kutsinta every time we drove to and had a picnic in the hot springs of Pansol. We still do, at home this time, and Casa Bernas kutsinta and Filipino kakanin is one of the best we tried.

Casa Bernas
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We are proud of our Filipino cuisine, and let’s continue to promote it to the world. Our kids will surely remember these quarantine days because of the comfort Filipino food we enjoy during this time.

Live an Awesome Life with Christ,

Founder & Digital Creator, Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: We paid for our meals. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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