Best Mother’s Day Food Gift Ideas in Manila

Our moms deserve the best food gifts in the world to celebrate the biggest annual tribute to our loving mothers. These are our favorite celebration food this 2021 that you can order for delivery from the best home-based entrepreneurs in Manila. Happy Mother’s Day from our family to yours!

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Smithfield Kitchen’s Salmon en Croute

This is one of the best celebration food for the summer season — British-inspired Beef Wellington Kit and a Salmon en Croute version of @smithfieldkitchen

This may not be our ideal way we envision the cooked Salmon en Croute and Beef Wellington Kit but we still loved it! Why? Because of the quality, taste and texture and everything in it. 

The Salmon en Croute set — 550g sashimi grade salmon with spinach and cream cheese in between and wrapped in puff pastry. Creamy dijon sauce and mashed potatoes are also included in the set. We loved how tasty it was and did not dried out even if we overcooked it 🙃 My wife and mom loved and requested this for Mother’s Day again 🙂 

The Beef Wellington set — made with 550-600g of tenderloin, duxelles, prosciutto and puff pastry served with mashed potatoes and a red wine balsamic vinegar reduction. Good for 3-4 people. 

We may have overcooked the beef but was surprised by its tenderness. Loved how it was tasty and the combination of the beef, mushroom, proscuitto and puff paatry were great. Ang sarap!

Order now and freeze it. Best baked frozen so no need to thaw. Order one of each and good for family of 4. Save this for your next celebration.  You’re welcome! 

₱2,500 for each set. 

Smithfield Kitchen
Food & BeverageCelebrations made simple 🥂
🍽 Ready-to-cook Beef Wellington and Salmon en Croute Sets you can enjoy in under an hour
🚚 TThS
📬 Message us to order!
Instagram: @smithfieldkitchen

Chubby Crab’s Cajun Crabs & Shrimps

@chubbycrabph fresh shrimps and crabs with sausages and corns – choose How Chubby You Are? 😅 and the variant – Zesty Garlic Butter or Cajun. 

Tip: Get both of the flavors especially if you have young kids! You can also add on their extras (corn, sausages and their sauces) 

Chubby Daw??? ₱1,799 – 1kg Crabs (3pcs), 400g Shrimp, 1 Corn, 1 Sausage
Chubby Nga!!! ₱3,099 – 2kg Crabs (5 pcs), 800g Shrimp, 2 Corn, 2 Sausages
All Shrimp ₱1,199 – 800g shrimp
All Crab ₱1,399 – 1kg

Chubby Crab
Food Delivery Service
Check highlights/ feed for Menu😊
📞 +63 917-8CHUBBY
For messages past 9pm, we’ll revert to you the next day
Instagram: @chubbycrabph

Flour Pot’s Summer Orange Cake

@flourpotmanila surprises @mrsawesomeplanet with her Summer Orange Cake for this year’s Mother’s Day treat! 

What a refreshing sight of a flower cake! 

Indeed it was light layers of flavored Valencia orange chiffon cake and the orange blossom buttercream, chef Rhea snucked some candied oranges with walnuts as a surprise! She also splashed some AL ‘Olivier Lavender EVOO on the buttercream topping for a faint taste when you take a slice. 

Special creation to give to someone unique and one of a kind! 
We upcycled the flowers and placed it in a recycled bottle to place at the altar. 

₱2,250 for a 9in classic cake (no flowers, just candied oranges on top)
₱2,700 for the 9inch classic cake with floral bouquet (carnations, eucalyptus, statice flowers) 
₱3,700 for the premium cake (basic floral arrangement with the addition of Holland tulip, Australian Eryngium Flowers and Australian Wax Flowers) 

Flour Pot Manila
Instagram: @flourpotmanila

Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen Japanese Specialties

Sushi Premium Roll Selections by @bambi_linkedge

🟢 Flash Fried Futomaki with 3 sauces
🟢 Spider Maki with Wasabi Mayo
🟢 Spicy Tuna and Spicy Salmon Tartare
🟢 Ebi Tempura Roll with Truffle
🟢 Salmon Aburi Roll
🟢 Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki Roll
🟢 Unagi Roll
🟢 Salmon Mango Roll

Each and every bite has unique flavors to ensure that it is not just like any other. Ingredients and sauces formulated and prepared ahead to ensure quality sushi will be served. 

Our favorites are: Ebi Tempura Roll with Truffle and Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki Roll.

DM Bambi for her food list and price for your next food celebration! 

Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen
Instagram: @bambi_linkedge

Salmon HQ’s Premium Salmon Cake

Show your love for year 2021 with a Healthy Salmon Cake!

Ingredients: Salmon, wakame and sushi rice 

Order yours 1 day before your intended celebration day. DM @salmon.hq

₱1,000 for the whole heart 🧡 cake. Great as a birthday cake as well for your special someone! 

Salmon HQ
The first and original Premium Salmon Cake in the Metro! 🧡🧡🧡
💌Direct message us for orders
🏦Payment: Metrobank/BPI/PayMaya/Gcash
🛵Pick-up : Grab…
Instagram: @salmon.hq

Comida San Lorenzo Lobster Paella

Our go to home celebration meal @comidasanlorenzo never fail to make the whole family happy and full! 

Their mainstays on our family table:
• Wild-caught Lobster 🦞 Paella (our favorite)
• Gamberi Spaghettini Aglio e Olio are a hit (for long life)
• and their newcomer, Beef & Yorkshire Pudding! (Tip: Smother everything with the gravy with mushroom 🍄) 
And did you know what we discovered? We, the adults,still prefer to pair the beef with the umami paella 🙃 while the Gen Z loves the pudding! 

We love how well-packed the food trays good for family of 6 and more!

Best for any celebration or to bring food joy for your quarantine life to your family and friends. 

Comida San Lorenzo
Lobster Paella & Lobster Pasta
For orders ☎️ +63 917 8330842
Instagram: @comidasanlorenzo

Ahana PH Aburi Chasiu (+ Nama Chocolates)

Order this NOW! Aburi Charsiu by

When Yugi saw this photo, he asked if he can have more of this? He didn’t know simo’t sarap maski ang lalagyan! 🙃

The platter consists of: 
Aburi Charsiu. Torched Pork Belly. Melts in your mouth kinda thing.
Ajitsuke Tamago. Marinated Egg. Rich, sticky egg yolk with bouncy egg white. 
Oishi Gohan. Savory Rice. Sticky Long-Grain Japanese rice with shitake mushrom and umami special sauce. Truly, kanin na, ulam na rin! 

8×12” platter good (₱1,650) for 4-5 people but can also be for 2-3 very hungry boys! 🙃 

PS. Check out their Nama Chocolate promotion!

Ahana. l Bold Umami Flavors
💥 A passion for food, an obsession for umami.
👇🏼 Pre orders are HIGHLY encouraged !

Mitza’s Middle Eastern Jerk chicken

Tasty and healthy Middle Eastern Jerk Chicken by @mitzasgoodeats for your Summer Celebrations!

This tray is good for 4-5 persons and comes with seasoned rice, roasted tomatoes and onions with the creamy tangy garlic sauce. 

How do we eat these? Mash the tomatoes and mix with the onions and garlic sauce then scoop a rice with a slice of the jerk chicken! Did it fit your mouth? 🙃 ours did – it was a full but happy one! 

Ordered additional bottles of garlic sauce to pair our usual turbo chicken at home! But beware that it will lead to more food consumption 😝

₱1,600 per tray and need at least 3 days lead time! 
Garlic sauce at ₱400 each.

P.S. Option for adlai is available as a healthier alternative for the family lunch or dinner!

Mitza’s Good Eats
🇵🇭 🇮🇷 Home Cook 😊.
Flavors inspired by home and travels 💙✈️ 🍽.
Instagram: @mitzasgoodeats

Slow Burn Manila’s Ribs with Shrimps

Ribs with Shrimps OR Salmon with Shrimps – anything goes as long as it’s from @slowburnmnl

Siblings Chryso and Dale made sure that we’ll love the fall-off-the-bone smokin’ ribs with the easy-to-peel garlic shrimps AND seared salmon fillet on a bed of umami rice or squid ink rice. We were also spoiled with French beans with cute cherry tomatoes! 

Great potluck food tray for your next picnic outing this summer.

Price range depending on your food choices because they made sure you will be able to try everything at a reasonable price! 

Slow Burn Manila
Food Delivery Service
Creative & delicious food by Chef Chryso Morales. Tender Ribs, Shrimps, Truffle Umami Rice, Salmon, Squid Ink Rice.
For orders, DM/txt +63 956 0270730
Instagram: @slowburnmnl

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