Awesome Mommy Trends in 2021

We’ll discuss the latest trends with Mommies after a year of lockdown and with the pandemic still ongoing. What are the new insights into the life of moms coping and thriving in the pandemic with work from home, online distance learning and parenting in the new normal? Excited to have this discussion with Christine Dychiao of Spark Joy Philippines and Janice Vilanueva of Mommy Mundo’s Expo Mom this coming May 29-30, 2021.

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1. Online Shopping is the New “Me-Time”

66% of moms have shifted to online shopping, and 83% shop based on reviews. Moms shop for the needs of their kids first before buying what they want. Also, moms are super quality-conscious, especially when it comes to skin care products and diapers, but are more into bargain hunting with the regular stuff. Don’t underestimate the power of a package arriving at your door, giving Christmas feels everyday.

2. Moms are conscious about de-cluttering and making their home pretty (for Zoom time)

Moms are conscious about what they bring into their homes and how to keep their spaces tidy. They take into consideration whether they are buying too much food or supplies or if they are just adding to the clutter. Make sure to consider donating packaging materials like single-use bubble wrap and boxes to someone who can use it instead of just piling it at home. Keep only the stuff that spark joy for you, and if you are giving your stuff away, make sure that the person receiving it will use it.

3. Lasting Lifestyle Shifts to Online Learning and Learn from Anywhere

There was a massive overnight shift to online learning. Moms focused on preparing the best study area and the choice of where to study—Traditional, Progressive, Homeschooling Organization or Homeschooling DIY. Homeschooling is now preferred by parents for more control over values formation and values education and less time spent on Zoom. Because of online learning, families now consider relocating to provincial areas with fiber internet like Coron, Boracay or other key tourism destinations because anyone can now learn from anywhere.

4. Interior and Home-Design Interest is Booming to make the Home a Sanctuary

It’s not so much about minimalism but it’s more about what sparks joy for you at home. You have to take your budget and lifestyle into account, but we see people splurging on what makes them happy like a comfy expensive sofa or a top of the line espresso machine. Sometimes it is normal that you don’t know what sparks joy for you so the act of decluttering is a mindful process to connect with your inner self to understand what makes you happy. The KonMari method of discovering what sparks joy for you is like meditation with your belongings as medium.

5. The New Normal You 2.0: Healthier and Wiser

There are more dedicated shifts to Wellness, Fitness and Health routines to strengthen the immune system. Moms are now more hands-on and mindful of what to feed their family and have realized that the household help is feeding the kids with junk food and carb trash all these years. Every household is starting to cook again so the sales of condiments and cooking ingredients are booming during these pandemic times. Gen X moms, who were able to save restaurant experience and travel money, are now allocating more budget to health to build the immune system for the whole family to be healthier as they grow older and to be more resilient in preparation for future pandemics.

6. Lasting Post-Pandemic Effect: Learn Farming and Be Closer to Nature even at Home

After World War II, the baby boomers saved more and were more conscious about where to spend their money. After the Covid pandemic, more and more people would learn how to grow their own food for future pandemics and redesign their lifestyle to be closer to nature either by relocating to rural areas or by bringing nature in with the addition of plants in their homes. More and more restaurants are opening in places like Tagaytay or farms to be closer to nature and to offer a safer al fresco ambiance.

7. Moms are Globally Investing in Stocks to Build Long-Term Wealth in the next 10 Years

Did you know that Gen X is the biggest segment among the new retail global stock investors? Most specially the Gen X moms who invested their savings from their budget for restaurant and travel experiences to become stockholders of the top technology companies in the world driving the next 10X Secular Trends. Imagine investing in the next Tesla, next Amazon, next Netflix or even the next Bitcoin. Now is the time to invest in the best companies in the world and leverage on the compound interest for the next 10X technology innovations.

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About the Moms

Christine Dychiao

Christine is the founder of Spark Joy Philippines and is one of the early few who did a top-to-bottom overhaul of her household using the Konmari method . After successfully Konmari-ing her home, she started helping her friends in “sparking joy”. In 2017, Christine traveled to New York to train and became the Philippines’ first certified Konmari consultant.

Learn from Christine Dychiao as she opens the first segment of the #Expomom2021 on May 29, 10am-11am. Christine will talk about MINDFUL CONSUMPTION: Making Smart Choices for the Planet. 🌎 Find out how we can build on, develop or change our shopping habits in order to make better buying choices not just for ourselves, but for the planet we call home.

Learn this and more at the upcoming Expo Mom 2021 on May 29-30! This event is FREE and OPEN TO ALL on the Mommy Mundo Facebook Page LIVE so don’t miss it!

Janice Vilanueva

As a first-time mom herself years ago, Janice found that there was a need for a reliable resource for information for all things motherhood in the country. So with fellow mom advocates back then Janice started gatherings for learning and support, and this, eventually became the origins of what Mommy Mundo is today.

For the past 20 years, Mommy Mundo has strived to be a welcoming and trusted resource for moms, and with almost 300 total events to date, brought thousands of moms (with dads and kids) together through workshops, events, conferences and has continued to do so today. Together with Mommy Mundo’s team and partners, Janice continues to pursue even more dreams for Mommy Mundo and more venues for mompowerment, not just in the country but even around the world.

For this year’s expomom, she thought of the theme Mindful Choices, which challenges us all to be more intentional about life and the choices we make, including a more conscious consumption in every aspect of our lives as moms.

Learn to Make Mindful Choices at Expo Mom 2021

On May 29 and 30, 2021, Mommy Mundo takes its flagship event, Expo Mom, online for the third time! Now in its 13th year, Expo Mom, the country’s longest running event for everything and anything motherhood, is set to a two-day online conference featuring expert speakers, with its mission of #Mompowerment. The event will also feature its online shopping component, wherein attendees can shop for special deals and steals from Mommy
Mundo’s ecommerce platform, and in the process support mompreneur brands and businesses.

The first online ExpoMom for the year holds the theme Mindful Choices, focusing on conscious consumption in every aspect of a mom’s life. In line with Mommy Mundo’s year long campaign, Mind Your Mind, which stemmed from data garnered from its own community online survey “Into The Mom Mind”, the event invites moms to pause and reflect on their consumption habits, process the realizations that have come with the review and reflection of those habits, and then practice mindfulness in their consumption.

Here are some of the speakers lined up for Expo Mom 2021: Mindful Choices :
• Christine Dychiao. Founder of SparkJoy Philippines, first Filipinas KonMari certified
consultant, advocate of “Conscious consumption” starts of day 1 talks on Making
Smart Choices for the Planet
• Leah Eriguel, strengths coach and transformative writing advocate, talks about How
Self Love and Consumption Tie in Together
• Nicole dela Cruz, health and fitness advocate momfluencer talks about Age-
Appropriate Baby Care
• Daddy Mundo head daddies Iñaki Llamas and Erron Ocampo sharre about how
daddies make purchasing decisions
• Marilen Montenegro, talks about Fitness as a conscious choice
Plus many more interesting and insightful topics for both days!

The event will be opened by Mommy Mundo founder and CEO, Janice Villanueva, on Day 1,
and community program director, Kit Malvar Llamas, on Day 2.

For over a decade, Mommy Mundo has been the leading resource for moms and dads all
over the country, supporting them in every stage of parenthood through useful online
content and a variety of events that seek to both teach and provide resources for both new
and veteran parents. ExpoMom 2021 will be accessible to all on Facebook Live in the
Mommy Mundo FB page. To be able to get dibs on shopping deals, moms are encouraged
to purchase tickets to avail of consumable shopping credits and also get a limited edition
Expo Mom tote bag. Tickets are available at

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