How to Prepare for Covid Vaccination

To get vaccinated or not is not the only question. Some people say the best vaccine is the one you can get immediately, but I would say the type of vaccine is also important and something we should know more about. Some natural health advocates say vaccines are poisons to the body, and the best way is to build your immune system.

If you decide to get vaccinated, here are some practical tips to prepare for your Covid vaccination…

Preparing for Vaccination

Make sure to consult your doctor on which vaccine brand to get based on your health condition.

Make sure to get to know more about the vaccine you are taking so that as you are mentally prepared for its efficacy and adverse events.

The local government units are gearing up to fully vaccinate the A4 group this June as part of the National Economic Development Authority’s strategy to fully open the economy.

Make sure to book your vaccination appointment as early as possible because there will be a long A4 queue.

Taguig Trace Portal:

Make sure to register at your local government unit’s website to set an appointment for vaccination. Taguig follows a no walk-in policy and you need to have a QR code for your vaccination appointment.

One good thing about the Taguig Trace portal is that you can decide your preferred date, time and venue for your vaccination. My preferred venue was the Taguig City Vaccation Hub B7 Bldg in Bonifacio High Street.

You can ask at the venue itself regarding the brand of vaccine they are administering.

Vaccination Experience

Prepare at least 1 hour for your vaccination (30 mins for the vaccination itself + 30 mins for post vaccination).

Arrive 30 minutes before your appointment so that you can be ready to go in as soon as it is possible.

This vaccination venue is air-conditioned and not al fresco, but it has a high ceiling and ceiling air-conditioning.

You follow a 5-step process and move from one station to another with ushers helping throughout.

STEP 1: Registration

Once your QR is verified, you can fill-in the health declaration form and receive your Covid Vaccine card.

STEP 2: Vital Signs

Your temperature, blood pressure and oxygen levels are checked before the screening/consultation.

STEP 3: Counseling/Screening

There is a sort of interview about your health condition and reminders on the side effects of the vaccine.

STEP 4: Vaccination

The vaccine injection was quite fast and there was no pain because the nurses were well-trained already.

STEP 5: Post-Vaccination

At first I thought this step was unnecessary, but while we were waiting, a thin young guy sitting at the back had an epileptic seizure when he was about to sit down. He was immediately taken to the holding room for monitoring.

Use this waiting time to make sure that your body responds well to the vaccine and just perfect for one rosary.

Final Thoughts

You have to be mentally prepared and 💯 % decided to get the vaccine as an added protection in the fight against Covid. Make sure to consult your doctor on which vaccine brand to get based on your health condition. Don’t underestimate the side effects because I witnessed first-hand somebody getting a scary epileptic reaction to the vaccine.

Remember, the vaccine is not a guarantee that you won’t get Covid but it builds your antibodies to fight against the virus. Stay at home for the next 45 days while you wait for the 2nd dose to experience its effect because the vaccine can lower your immune system before it builds up 100% effectiveness.

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Disclosure: Thanks to Nikkei Team for the experience. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. After your vaccination, get some lollipops to take home to the kiddos.

2 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Covid Vaccination

  1. Didn’t expect this kind of post, to be honest! Absolutely love it!
    I just got my second shot yesterday and I am thrilled to be part of the solution instead of the problem.
    I do understand people’s reservation for vaccines but – come on – without them, there would still be a high mortality rate amongst children from polio and a lot more complicated issues from measles. Plus: scientifically, the progress in the last 20 years or so has been a tremendous one. I myself suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and modern medicine, amongst which mRna-treatments (yes, there are treatments of that type too) literally saved my life and enabled me to travel the world despite a chronic disease.
    Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope it helps others to make an informed decision.

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