10 Gifts for Dad who wants Good Food

Dads are easy to please and usually the best gift is a thoughtful food surprise. Sometimes, all we want during our birthday, Father’s Day or milestones celebration is to eat good food in the company of friends and family. Here are the latest yummy food/ drinks we tried for your next celebration at home with your dad and the fam:


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1). Kurobuta Porchetta @esguerra.kurobuta

The Best Kurobuta Porchetta in Manila! @esguerra.kurobuta

No fuss Kurobuta Ready-To-Cook Porchetta: Defrost for 24 hours, bake for 2-2.5hours and gone in 30 minutes 💯! Make sure to monitor it so as not to overcook it like we kinda did! 🤣

A kilo of hand rolled and tied Kurobuta pork belly – full of flavor with their choice herbs and juicy! Ang sarap ng lasa, no need for sauce and more meaty but with a good layer of fat.

P2,650 for approximately 1.3kg

Jamon Florentina, our choice for today’s meal with some homemade pandesal, cheese, nuts and our pesto spread. One great protein addition for our growing boys! 

Loved the taste of both meats especially knowing that it is pasture-raised, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and naturally grown Kurobuta. Check out their page as they offer more variety cuts for your cooking and eating preference. 

Esguerra Kurobuta
Grocery Store
Pasture-raised, Antibiotic-free, Hormone-free and Naturally Grown Berkshire Pork raised by our family farm, delivered straight to your door.
Instagram: @esguerra.kurobuta

2). Beef Wellington @smithfieldkitchen

This is one of the best celebration food for the summer season — British-inspired Beef Wellington Kit and a Salmon en Croute version of @smithfieldkitchen

This may not be our ideal way we envision the cooked Salmon en Croute and Beef Wellington Kit but we still loved it! Why? Because of the quality, taste and texture and everything in it. 

The Salmon en Croute set — 550g sashimi grade salmon with spinach and cream cheese in between and wrapped in puff pastry. Creamy dijon sauce and mashed potatoes are also included in the set. We loved how tasty it was and did not dried out even if we overcooked it 🙃 My wife and mom loved and requested this for Mother’s Day again 🙂 

The Beef Wellington set — made with 550-600g of tenderloin, duxelles, prosciutto and puff pastry served with mashed potatoes and a red wine balsamic vinegar reduction. Good for 3-4 people. 

We may have overcooked the beef but was surprised by its tenderness. Loved how it was tasty and the combination of the beef, mushroom, proscuitto and puff paatry were great. Ang sarap!

Order now and freeze it. Best baked frozen so no need to thaw. Order one of each and good for family of 4. Save this for your next celebration. 
You’re welcome! 

₱2500 for each set. 

Smithfield Kitchen
Food & Beverage
Celebrations made simple 🥂
🍽 Ready-to-cook Beef Wellington and Salmon en Croute Sets you can enjoy in under an hour
🚚 TThS
📬 Message us to order!
Instagram: @smithfieldkitchen

3). Well-Curated Wines @love.pierre.wines

French wine tasting with @love.pierre.wines with sommelier Pierre and Cyril Addison using an approachable #hesaidshesaidshow format. 

On the wine tasting table:
• Xavier Vignon Cotes du Rhone(

French wine tasting with @love.pierre.wines with sommelier Pierre and Cyril Addison using an approachable #hesaidshesaid show format. 

On the wine tasting table:
• Xavier Vignon Cotes du Rhone (₱890)
• Camille Bordeaux wine (₱990) – my favorite 
• Clos Triguedina Malbec (₱1,300)

It’s a great way to know more about the wines and it would be fun to do this with your family and friends.

The wines are repacked on the day of the tasting session in dark round bottles and best to keep in the ref until the wine tasting session begins.

You can check out @love.pierre.wines for wine recommendation and they can work on your budget too.

Congrats on the first #hesaidshesaid show!

Love Pierre
Wine Bar
A small collection of wines personally chosen by Pierre! For orders message +63 917.520.9161
Instagram: @love.pierre.wines 

4). Lobster Laksa Lemak @sambarph 

Ang sarap nito — 🦞Lobster Laksa Lemak 🍜 @sambarph by Chef @niccosantos + @queneevilar x @bun_appetit

We love the deep flavors of the #laksalemak sauce with creamy spicy coconut milk deliciousness. The noodles were thick and absorbs the sauce well. The lobster claw meat added umami and made each bite special.

The sauce was delivered frozen and it was easy to heat. Wish we can order an extra bag of sauce.

About @sambarph X @bun_appetit
Lobster Laksa Lemak (₱995). @bun_appetit steamed Maine lobster claws topped on @sambarph rich and savory broth made from fresh shrimp heads, freshly-squeezed coconut milk and a homestyle “curry” paste created from a variety of herbs and aromatics paired with freshly cooked QQ wheat noodles ,fried tofu, bean sprouts, sliced Japanese cucumbers, fish cakes and 8-minute egg.

Homestyle Asian Food
from @niccosantos & @queneevilar
Shop at @shophouseph
Instagram: @sambarph 

5). Whole Roasted Chicken with Beets and Grain salad @mise.ph

What a beautiful mess we made! Whole Roasted Chicken with Beets and Grain salad @mise.ph 👌

The chicken was dry brined for 24hours with cilantro-cumin sauce. Sealed, vacuum packed then delivered to be roasted at home for 30minutes 🤗 

Plated the BEETS with the perfect partners-Greek Yogurt, Toasted Walnuts, Lemon Rind, Dill with Sesame Oil, Salt & Pepper! 

On the other side of the bird — Grain Salad that included Quinoa, roasted tomato strips, roasted enoki mushrooms, red bell pepper, basil, arugula and lastly, Pecorino Romano. We tossed and mixed it well with the turmeric honey dijon dressing. 

And at last, we dined and devoured the beautiful roasted whole chicken on our table. We truly enjoyed the taste of everything. We thought that we wouldn’t like the Beets but we were wrong! We love how the lemon taste blended with the beet and yogurt and the crunch the walnut gave in every bite. 

The grain salad had a different story too! The arugula’s unique taste then tamed by the enoki mushroom but combining it with the turmeric honey dijon dressing + tomato and bell pepper! Our mouth were so busy in munching, identifying and enjoying the flavors in our mouth, not to mention that this is a healthy meal for the family! 💚

Consider this for your next special celebration at ₱1,900 for the entire set!

Food Delivery Service
Pronounced: [Mee-s] short for Mise En Place
🥔 Dm to order
🍜 Pick up dates: M-W-F-SUN
👇🏼 Anon feedback
Instagram: @mise.ph 

6). Aklan Oysters @2ndstreetoysters

Ano ang hilig mo? 

Always excited to eat fresh Aklan oysters. Always fresh and available for delivery to your doorstep! 

Order na kayo kay @2ndstreetoysters. So fresh and delicious specially good for special celebrations at home 🙂

Get the 3 cheese baked oysters with or without the bacon or the fresh ones! Bitin if you buy the 6 pieces. Sulitin na ang delivery and get the dozen (₱515) or the 24 (₱1,025) pieces! The raw and cleaned Aklan oysters are also sold per kg (₱180) or get the shucked by 6s (₱205), 12s (₱405) or 24s (₱805).

Off-the-menu tempura are 👌 too especially the mignonette sauce and the creamy wasabi! 

Ano na? Order na! You are welcome! 

2nd Street Oysters
Food Delivery Service
A treat you will repeat 😋
🦪 Serving fresh raw/baked oysters
⏱ Open everyday, 10am-9pm
➡️ Also available in GrabFood and FoodPanda
📍 The Hub Mayon QC
Instagram: @2ndstreetoysters

7). Premium Chirashi Cake @salmon.hq

Craving for a variety of raw seafood, Premium Chirashi Cake is here for your next celebration! @salmon.hq

✅ Premium Salmon
✅ Aji
✅ Uni
✅ Hokkigai
✅ Ikura
✅ Amaebi

Inside mixed with ebiko, premium spicy salmon, tuna, aji, chuka wakame and Japanese sushi rice! Healthy Savoury Cakes is the best for any celebration 🙂

All these for P2,200! 

Enjoy different kind of sushi platters too (California maki, spicy tuna and salmon maki, salmon, tuna and kani maki) ranging from P180 to P320 for 8 pieces. 

We also added 1kg of premium salmon for ₱1,600 because boys never can have enough of these! All-time favorite of the family 🙂

Check out @salmon.hq for other products as well.

Salmon HQ
Food Delivery Service
The first and original Premium Salmon Cake in the Metro! 🧡🧡🧡
💌Direct message us for orders
🏦Payment: Metrobank/BPI/PayMaya/Gcash
🛵Pick-up : Grab…
Instagram: @salmon.hq

The 💯 legit Cookie Monster Chocolate Cake is back @cakes.bylouise by the original founders of this nostalgic hit!

I remember enjoying it during birthdays or special celebrations in our house or our friend’s. The moist chocolate cake is topped by a thick smooth chocolate fudge and their signature filling. Ang sarap!

The packaging is well thought off with a blue sturdy box with cake monster eyes that survived the delivery test to Laguna. 

Budget ₱1,000 / cake

Cakes by Louise
BLAST FROM THE PAST! From original founders and bakers of your childhood chocolate cake back in the 70’s , this Iconic chocolate cake is back.
Instagram: @cakes.bylouise 

9). Thai Breaded Fried Chicken @miammiamchickenph

Didnt’t know that Chef Rob’s @officialrobpengson Thai food is quite good @miammiamchickenph

Although the concept is named after the Thai breaded fried chicken, the rest of the Thai dishes were tasty and completes the Thai experience at home. 

On our Miam Miam table:
• Gong Bao Pasta (think kung pao sweet spicy sauce with shitake mushroom, peanuts and spring onions)
• Chicken Satay (tasty meat with the thick peanut sauce)
• Gai Tod (Thai lightly battered fried chicken with sweet chili sauce)
• Krupuk Prawn Crackers (simple but addicting spice)
• Som Tam (fresh green papaya salad)
• vegetarian Pad Thai where sweet, savory and nutty meets!
• Bagoong Fried Rice (balance flavors with a sweet bias)
• Drinks: Thai Milk Tea (our favorite) Thai Iced Tea and Lemongrass Ginger Tea 

Miam Miam Chicken
Food Delivery
For orders, message us: +63 966 956709
Open TUE to SUN / 11AM – 8PM Available for delivery within Metro Manila only.
Instagram: @miammiamchickenph

10). Taiwanese Food & Milk Tea @Ninetea19ph 

Wow, I miss the authentic taste of Taiwanese food and thanks to @Ninetea19ph for satisfying our craving for authentic Taiwanese food you can enjoy at home!

Nineteen Taiwanese Restaurant is founded by Miffy and Lin who is passionate to bring the authentic taste of Taiwan to Filipinos with Head Chef Mao with 20 years of experience in Taiwanese traditional cuisine and 
Eric, former senior leader in Chun Shui Tang, the most famous bubble milk tea shop in Taiwan. The food and tea material are shipped from Taiwan, like the classic sauce, and also the tea, the bubble.Just to make sure it is 100% authentic Taiwanese food.

On the Taiwanese Table:
• Seafood Milky Cheese Hotpot with Rice (₱620)
It’s a special hot pot dish with a sweet milky soup with vegetables and seafood/crab. 
• Aromatic Three Cups Chicken (₱420)
The sauce is so tasty and goes well with the plump rice.
• Sweet and Sour Fish (₱480)
It’s good but would have been better eaten freshly cooked for the crunchiness! Love the sauce!
• Deep Fried Squid Balls (₱360)
Bouncy with a bite, just how we like it and full of flavor! 
One order for 4 pieces.
• Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken (₱440)
Kids love this and a classic Taiwanese favorite with rice. These are 2 orders already!
• Fried Silver Thread Bun (₱160)
This would go well with more condensed milk

Love the clear soup with raddish! 

Milk Tea: Bubble Tea and sago is quite good and you can try their fruit teas too!
• Ninetea Bubble Tea (₱160)
• Special Pineapple – Orange Tea (₱190)
• Pulpy Grape Juice (₱190)
• Special Smoked Plum Tea (₱190)

Budget about ₱500/head for a Taiwanese feast celebration at home.

Ninetea Manila Bay
Experience the authentic taste of Taiwan here at Ninetea Manila Bay!
Instagram: @Ninetea19ph 

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