Best Father’s Day Gifts: What Dads Really Want

Father’s Day is now celebrated in the same level as Mother’s Day to pay tribute to all our awesome dads. For me, giving the gift of good food is the best instead of giving another shirt, another pair of shoes or other stuff that we won’t use. No need to send flowers like we do for moms because your presence and company online or offline, together with good food, is what we want.

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Last weekend, we had a mini taste test of the latest innovative food offerings for Father’s Day. Here are the winners:

Roasted Goose is the New Lechon

1 Whole Roast Goose (₱3,500) with plum sauce and dripping sauce.

The battle of Guillermo Premium Pekin Duck vs. Roasted Duck Express is so 2020. The Saturday Goose is the new goose craze in Manila for 2021. I liked the goose vs. the duck because it was bigger, fattier and juicier.

Order the whole goose for the weekend, and if you plan to eat it the next weekend or to send it as gift, request to vacuum-pack the goose to preserve its freshness. We loved how they packed it well in a special red gift box.

We actually had fun serving it by heating it in the oven at 180 degrees and blasting it at 220 degrees before serving to make the skin crispy. Then we cut the duck to pieces with all the juices oozing from the duck. Now I appreciate how Chinese restaurants masterfully carve the goose and will pay attention from now on.

The goose was actually tasty by itself, but I loved the sweet plum sauce that came with it, cutting through the fatty juices. While not the same as those in Hong Kong, we loved that it can be enjoyed at home and that it’s a special celebration dish in place of the usual lechon. This is one of the best food gifts of 2021. 🙂

The Saturday Goose
HK Roast Duck & Goose
Food Delivery Service
Delivering HK’s Premium Roast Goose and Duck
in a box🇭🇰🇵🇭
🛵 Delivers every Sat & Sun only
☎️ Viber +63 927 7657986
Instagram: @thesaturdaygoose

💯 Japanese Fine Dining at Home

Father’s Day Special Three-Tier Bento (₱5,500) with Hakushika Namachozo 300ml
First Tier: Black tiger shrimp simmered in ginger and soya sauce flavor, Grilled eggplant with miso sauce, Potato salad, sweet Japanese egg omelet, Grilled gindara and salmon flavored with saikyo miso sauce, Chicken meat balls, steamed shiitake mushroom with white chicken paste.
Second Tier: US Beef roll with vegetables, Deep-fried boneless chicken dipped in sweet and sour sauce, Breaded shrimp fry, pan-seared duck breast, Simmered assorted vegetables (pumpkin, taro, carrot, broccoli, radish, shiitake mushroom)
Third Tier: Japanese chirashi sushi, Vinegared mackerel, boiled shrimp, grilled anago (conger eel), Edamame beans, lotus root, shitake mushroom, Thinly sliced egg sheet, sweetened white fish powder

This brought memories of one of the best Kaiseki experiences in Manila at Hotel Okura, and I couldn’t believe you could enjoy it at home. We tried the three tiered Bento Okura-at-home experience and we enjoyed eating different creations of grilled fish, meat, sushi and different vegetables.

Ang sarap lahat! It’s the best bonding experience over food with the family. Authentic Japanese fine dining at home.

Futomaki Inari Bento:
Grilled dish: black cod, salmon, hijiki seaweed, dried radish strips; Japanese pickles: radish; Meat dish: minced and simmered beef, broccoli, carrots, potato; Simmered dish: assorted seasonal vegetables; Futomaki sushi and inari sushi, cucumber, conger eel, omelet, shiitake mushroom, powdered fish

You can also order bento boxes if you want each family member to have his/her own set or if you want family joining remotely via zoom to enjoy the same quality of food. Only the best Japanese food for your special dad.

Filipinos still crave for Japanese cuisine during the quarantine period and it’s the go-to celebration food. It is enjoyed by all generations because it is clean and healthy for the older generation, and each piece is carefully cooked without the need for any other sauces which the younger generations appreciate.

Hotel Okura Manila
Bringing together Japanese Omotenashi and Filipino warmth.
Know more about Yamazato and Okura At Home in the link below.
Instagram: @hotelokuramnl

Well Thought Off Foodie Gifts for Dads

The Booze Oven The Father’s Day Box (₱1,550) includes: Whisky Stones, Black Label in 50ml, Personalized Whisky Glass (engraved), 4-piece Extra Drunken Chocolate Truffle

I loved the Lahja Father’s Day box because this is something I can use to make e-numan sessions special with drunken chocolate truffle or just whisky to pair with my goose duck. Consider buying the flask to make it more special instead of the plastic container for their Black Label 50ml. Your dad will appreciate thoughtfully crafted gifts and will pay attentions to details.

• /la-yah/ • means “gift”
Thoughtful curated gifts, wrapped in a box with a bow.
Instagram: @shoplahja

Brunost Cheese (₱290), Aged Cheese, Cured Meats @onemoreslice_ph

Any foodie dad loves cheeses, and a gift of cheese and deli products is always the best anytime.

We loved the cheeses from One More Slice, from the mascarpone we used for our tiramisu at home, to the simple mozzarella, to the aged cheeses, to this special Brunost cheese which is like a pastillas cheese with caramel but not too sweet. Add some cured meats like pancetta to complete the pica pica for your dad’s special day.

One More Slice PH
🛒 Your online deli store in Metro Manila.
✉️ Feel free to talk to us.
👇🏻 Shop Now!
Instagram: @onemoreslice_ph

Real Street Food Merienda at Home

9 Chori sticks (500 grams) with 60 ML secret sauce (₱399/pack)

Sometimes Dads love the nostalgia of street food and the beach, and the best food gift is the Best 💯Boracay Choriburger in Manila!

We have tried a lot of choriburgers (patties) that tried to be better than the Boracay version. But the original is still the best on sticks, from the same suppliers of choriburger in Boracay. Ang sarap! 😋

Just cook on a charcoal grill with their special sauce. Eat it solo or with the bun and splash with the secret sauce (also from Boracay). Best to enjoy during sunset inuman sessions or beach grill bonding with friends. Panalo!

Stock up at home and just keep it frozen. Chori Shelf life is 5 months; the secret sauce, 2 months.

Same Old Chori
Food Stand
Boracay’s Original Chori Burger now in Manila! On sticks, not patties. Of course, we got the secret sauce too!
Instagram: @sameoldchori

Manong Sauce with Fish Ball (₱360/set) includes 1kg fishball, sweet sauce (750 ml), spicy sauce (750ml)

Rekindle the family’s addiction to streetfood fish balls 🍡at home with Manong’s Sauce for the authentic fish ball and sawsawan experience. Think eat-all-you-can fish balls at home and double-dipping as often as you want with the family.

The authentic flavors of Manong’s Sauce and Boracay Chori Burger will bring the whole family eating together and fighting over each piece, and I know Dads will love that.

Manong’s Sauce
“The taste i grew up with.”
Instagram: @manongsauce

Best Desserts for Dads

Brownie Trail Mix Cake 🍫🥜🌰 (₱3,500)
Decadent and dense, this Over the Fence Brownie (chewy and cakey brownie!) Cake folded with walnut pieces is layered with dehydrated peanut butter frosting. Each layer is sprinkled with our homemade trail mix! We topped the cake with more Trail Mix (of course, who doesn’t love nuts and chocolates?!) and some brownie fudge pieces and fresh blueberries!

If you are thinking of a special macho cake for dad, try this granola power bard-inspired cake for the active dad. Think trail mix, brownies, berries and peanut butter icing. It’s a bit heavy, and it’s best for outdoor celebrations.

Flour Pot
Watch Metro.Style’s Cake Inspirations with Flour Pot Rum Cakes Manila on YouTube!
Instagram: @flourpotmanila

The Choco Cookie Pie (₱280, 200+ grams 🙂

Sometimes I just want my own big chocolate cookie pie and enjoy it a la mode with vanilla ice cream.

I loved Cookie Monsters chocolate cookies turned into a big cookie pie. You just need to heat it up to make the outer skin crispy and to melt the chocolate before topping with vanilla ice cream. Ang sarap!

Cookie Monsters Club
Spreading love one cookie at a time. 🤎
📍 Mckinley Hill
Instagram: @cookiemonstersclub

Congratulations, guys! Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads and survivors of this pandemic!

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