Shroud of Turin


“In 2005, using the very latest digital photographic reproduction techniques, the Shroud has been recreated– in life-size form on backlit and full-size transparencies, on full life-size digital prints and in both positive and negative formats, along with many close-ups of the individual detail of the man on the Shroud—and all these were exhibited in New Zealand for the first time.”
…You will be tempted NOT to go to this exhibit either because of its P250 entrance fee or you’ll conclude that this is just one of Henry Sy’s gimmick to bring in traffic to the SM malls.
… After enlightening New Zealand, the exhibit’s journey continues in the Philippines – the only predominantly Christian nation in Southeast Asia—as the country plays host to this very special exhibit that allows visitors to journey with the Shroud’s history, discover the facts and myths behind the Shroud, and unravel the mystery behind this treasured piece.