[Mixology Recipe 4of4] Chillax Guava — Rache’s Favorite!


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Cocktail Drink: Chillax Guava Built on Old Fashioned / Rocks Glass

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Ice 5-6 cubes
Juice of 3 lemon wedges 3 wedges
Salt to rim the glass On a side plate
Worcestershire Sauce, 3 dashes
Tabasco Sauce, 10-12 drops
Guava Juice , 100 ML
Vodka , 40 ML
Celery Stick , 1 Piece
Lemon Slice , 1 Piece

Equipment: Peg Measure, Bar Spoon, Side plate with salt

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Procedure: Rim the top of the glass with lime and dip into fine salt, not too rough please.

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Shake off the excess salt,

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This glass had too much salt on it. Drop in the spent lime, add 5-6 ice cubes, add juice of 3 lime wedges,

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Add the Guava juice and stir,

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Add drops of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce to taste. You can now drink this if you are like Rache who cannot drink alcohol or not a cocktail drinker. You can adjust the measurement of the sauce based on your taste. If you want your drink to be spicier, add more Tabasco.

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Then, gently slide in the vodka.

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One thought on “[Mixology Recipe 4of4] Chillax Guava — Rache’s Favorite!

  1. That’s basically a riff of a Bloody Mary, but guava not tomato juice. I think I like bloody mary’s because of the tomato juice though.

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