[Mixology Recipe 3of4] Tangy Caipirojka


Mixology Happy Hours-19.jpg
Cocktail Drink: Tangy Caipirojka muddles on Old Fashioned / Rocks Glass

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Crushed Ice, 8-10 Cubes crushed roughly
Lemon, 3 Wedges
Orange, 3 Wedges
Fresh Mint Leaves, 10-15 leaves
Sugar Syrup / brown sugar 15 ML / 15 Gms
Vodka, 40 ML

Peg Measure
Bar Spoon
Tea Spoon

Mixology Happy Hours-14.jpg
Procedure: Add sugar / sugar syrup, lemon slices (you can also change it into strawberry chunks too!)

Mixology Happy Hours-13.jpg
And torn mint leaves into the glass,

Mixology Happy Hours-15.jpg
Muddle together to extract the flavor.

Mixology Happy Hours-16.jpg
Fill glass with crushed ice and pour in the vodka!

Mixology Happy Hours-17.jpg

Stir then add more crushed or cubed ice on top. Serve with tea spoon.

Mixology Happy Hours-18.jpg
Enjoy with friends!


One thought on “[Mixology Recipe 3of4] Tangy Caipirojka

  1. Looks like my kind of drink! I’ll add a little bit more strawberries and I’d be all set for the night… with 2 or 3 more glasses? Heehee.

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