Will You Help Cathy Run This Race?


100 for a Hundred aims to raise 100,000 pesos by tapping 100 kind-hearted individuals to donate 1,000 pesos each to sponsor the cost of refraction, a pair of eyeglasses and a set of 4 books to be given to 100 children at Culiat Elementary School. The children’s ages range from 7 to 11 years old. Some of the children who need glasses are pictured here below.

Heimish Chic

Heima is one of the indie stores that recently opened in Cubao eXpo. It provides homey, classy, contemporary designs described as “heimish”. The store name is said to be Icelandic for “at home”. It showcases weird and bold color combinations that work, and different shapes and patterns that provide a warm ambiance. Perhaps the most coveted items in Heima are the call-out shelves on the second floor (the My Apartment showroom).

8 Things I Learned from Cristeta Comerford

I got a chance to attend the exclusive talk of Cristeta Comerford for Asia Society members. This was a day after she received her BPInoy award for excellence in Culinary Arts. Who is Cristeta Comerford? She was the first woman and Asian Executive Chef from a minority in the White House.She was an Executive Sous … Continue reading 8 Things I Learned from Cristeta Comerford

Sabroso’s Native Lechon

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST DISCOVERIES (Last of the Series) Having lechon in the Ultimate Taste Test was a very good idea. One whole native lechon was served by Sabroso Lechon, which got a rating of 3.6 out of 5.0. Most people liked it because of its crispy skin and flavorful meat (which was a bit salty) … Continue reading Sabroso’s Native Lechon

Cubao eXpo – The Next Evolution…

It was sad to hear that Bong’s Vintage Pop closed down last end of July. Bong is migrating to Canada. The Black Soup Project of Avic Ilagan, Ellen Ramos, Ricky Orellana, Robert Quebral and Neil Daza closed down last week. They are transferring Black Soup to UP Teacher’s Village. (Can anyone confirm this?) So, only Pablo is the last remaining Art Shop from the original group that started the Cubao-X culture.

Sans Rival by Star Reyes

Personally, I didn’t notice any difference. Most of the people in the Ultimate Taste Test liked it and it got a rating of 3.6 out of 5.0. It was a bit too sweet and the tasting portions were a bit too big for people to enjoy. The most important thing, my wife (who is a sans rival-monster) loves both the Sans Rival and Silvannas.

The Kefir Culture by Jeren

Kefir is starting to become a buzzword in the Healthy Circle. “It is cultured, enzyme-rich, and filled with micro-organisms that help balance your ‘inner ecosystem’. It is 100% probiotic and supplies the body with complete protein, essential minerals, and valuable B vitamins.” Kefir Power, promoted by Cory Quirino, was the first one to offer Kefir in the local market and then Kefir Culture by Jeren Cabral from the Healthy Store, Arama in Serendra.