Do you own a Benji’s?

Benji Reyes is a Filipino furniture artist based in Antipolo, who has an international cult following because of his customized chair creations handmade from recycled wood and hand-polished in oil. I heard about the Legend of the Benji Chairs when I was still with P&G. Most of the P&G Expats would buy his creations with price ranges from P20,000+ to P200,000+. One expat even furnished their entire house with Benji’s furniture.

The Best Fresh Milk and Yogurt in the Philippines?

Rizal Dairy Farms produces the best fresh milk products and fresh yogurts in the Philippines. Its greek yogurt has a cult following in the foodie circle. I love their plain yogurts with Mango or Strawberry because of the rich and creamy consistency. Best of all, they are locally produced in the Philippines!

Are you a Crescent Moon Cafe Virgin?

Yes, it was my first time to visit Crescent Moon Cafe last month. We were doing a research trip for an upcoming Culinary Tour of Antipolo that will feature the best art places and culinary destinations in Antipolo, Rizal. Lanelle Abueva-Fernando’s Crescent Moon Cafe will definitely be part of the tour because of its signature alagaw appetizers, home-cooked dishes and suman/mango dessert. I also love buying Lanelle’s pottery here, especially the bargain ones that are sold for P200 per kilo.

Dave Onstott’s Yogurt Bar and Cafe


From Froyo, David decided to rebrand his frozen yogurt line to Dave’s Naturals Premium Yogurt. He continues to sell it in the Salcedo Market every Saturday and Legaspi Market every Sunday. He has also opened his own Onstott’s Yogurt Bar & Cafe (hidden inside a restaurant complex around the budding Bo. Kapitolyo, Pasig Foodie area). This is a perfect dessert place after eating in Cafe Juanita or Charlie’s.

Revisiting Fluke with Angel Aquino

It was nice to have a shoot with Angel Aquino for the Us Girls Blogging Episode that will be aired tonight. She interviewed me about food blogging and Our Awesome Planet, while I interviewed her on her food and restaurant favorites.
Angel was very nice, and down to earth. I often watched her foodie reviews in the F show and now US Girls. She disclosed to me how hard it is sometimes to do a restaurant feature when the owners themselves are watching during a shoot. Now i understand why the reaction is always positive when they would taste the food.

Bangga’s Special Bagoong

Even before the UTT Event, we were already enjoying Bangga’s special bagoong. It is different because the first impression is that it is sweet. But it has a lingering salty taste at the back of your mouth and is highlighted by chili spikes in the end. You can actually eat the bagoong on its own and it is quite addicting. We find it a perfect companion to an extremely sour green mango. It can also make simple rice into something you can finish even without other ulam (dishes).

PIGOUT Quick Meal Packs

I love the concept of lutong-bahay dishes in a clean, hygienic package that you can store for months and cook in just 5 minutes.
PIGOUT Food Corp is looking for dealers/ distributors who can sell it to the right target market.

Bakes Homemade Granola and Bread Pudding

I love the homemade granola with the different textures of fruits, nuts and chocolate chips. Instead of junk food, you can munch on this healthier alternative (you can specify to have the chocolate removed if you like).
The bread pudding seems ordinary but it is made extraordinary by its wicked sauce — using combinations of liquor, caramel, and custard. You have to try it one of these days.

Mira Angeles Dips and Dressings

After the 4.6 rating of Dulcelin Gourmet in the Ultimate Taste Test, Mira Angeles Dips and Dressings was a distant second at 3.7 out of 5.0. One taste tester commented, “I think the taste is subtle, maybe because everything is homemade… price is reasonable. It’s good, hindi addicting.” Personally, I like the dense Herbed Cream Cheese balanced with the taste of Sundried tomatoes. Try the homemade Cheese Pimiento for a nostalgic trip to your childhood days. For a different kind of salad dressing, try Mira’s Strawberry Vinaigrette, which most people commented on as healthy and yummy.