LAS FLORES: Modern Spanish Resto by (former) Barcino + Andilana (Spain) Group

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LAS FLORES, which means “The Flowers”, is a collaboration between the former Barcino owners and the popular Andilana group of restaurants in Barcelona. They flew in a Catalan chef to help create an authentic modern Spanish restaurant here in Manila.

My P&G friend Mon Gloria started the Spanish Wine Bar Resto called Barcino. When he moved to P&G Singapore, his Spanish partners (Uri, Dani and Sergi) took over the business and expanded it to a true Spanish restaurant experience. If you are looking for a different type of Spanish cuisine from your usual Mestizo Spanish food in Manila, you’ve got to try Las Flores.

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LAS FLORES MenuCold Dishes, Hot Dishes | Salads (Ensaladas), Rice (Arroces), Desserts (Postres) (Note: The Cocktail Menu is still being developed.)

The restaurant ambiance is simple, featuring mismatched chairs and accents of modern chandeliers and empty wine bottles.

(Update 9/18- Removed my personal views about the interiors. I did not intend to disrespect any person in any way. I read the constructive comments based on Elbert’s reactions. I apologize for the careless comment.)

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★ Ensalada de Pasta (P245 +10% service charge). Fusilli with chicken and tomato confit, feta cheese in a mustard and olive oil dressing.

Dani Aliaga, one of the Spanish owners, recommended the items in the menu. We ordered all of his favorites, starting with the pasta. We loved this light serving of pasta salad, which had a little bit of mustard and olive oil. This is a good starter to stimulate your appetite. Las Flores-12.jpg

Botifarra Catalana (P450 +10% service charge). Catalan sausage with baked potatoes, caramelized onions and shiitake mushrooms.

This is the only dish that we did not like. Although the sausage was tender, juicy and tasted home-made, I think it lacked the right flavor and bite we were looking for in a good sausage. The caramelized onions were salty-sweet, and the potatoes were soggy. It was not worth P450. (Better go to Poco Deli for really good sausage.)

Las Flores-8.jpg

The Paella is good for two and costs less than P500 per order. There is no need to pre-order it.

Las Flores-10.jpg

★ Paella de Marisco (P495 +10% service charge). Seafood Paella. We loved the full flavors of our Paella with the al dente arborio rice. Just take note, if you prefer a toasted bottom layer, you have to inform them in advance. The paella is a bit different from the ones we are used to here in Manila. …And now, the best part — desserts!

Las Flores-21.jpg

Pastel de queso con frambuesa (P195 +10% service charge). Cheesecake with mixed berries. This was a simple dessert: cheesecake with a graham cracker-bottom topped with mixed berries.

Las Flores-28.jpg

★ Chocolatisimo (P185 +10% service charge). Chocolate “coolant”. I love restaurants that offer a signature dessert to end a fantastic meal. You have to order their chocolate “coolant”, which is basically chocolate cake with yummy, melted chocolate inside that is served with ice cream. This is a definite must-try for all chocolate lovers!

Las Flores-18.jpg Las Flores-16.jpg

★ Pedro Ximenez, Nectar (P195/glass +10% service charge). You can also pair the chocolate with this sweet nectar dessert wine from Pedro Ximenez. It was sinfully sweet. Las Flores-31.jpg

Congratulations to Uri Singla, Sergi Rostoll and Dani Aliaga (not in the photo) for opening the first Andilasia restaurant here in Manila. 🙂 (Tip: Better go during the soft opening days when the owners themselves are serving the guests because they want to get feedback and fine-tune the menu.)

Las Flores-32.jpg

Overall, I loved the different and delicious flavors of Las Flores’ Modern Spanish Cuisine by the Barcino Group. We recommend the Paella and the Chocolatisimo. 🙂 This resto is an excellent addition to the growing culinary center in Bonifacio Global City! Let’s support these Spanish restopreneurs so that they bring more of the authentic taste of Spain to Manila. 🙂

G/F One Mckinley Place, 25th St., Bonifacio Global City (In front of Pacific Plaza, former Dinelli) Website: www.LasFlores.PH
Telephone: +632 552-2815
Owner: Uri Singla / Dani Aliaga / Sergie Rostrol
Mobile: +63 916 619-3365
Operating Hours: 11.00 – 2.00pm (Lunch) and 6.00pm – 2.00am (dinner)
There’s no nearby parking — Only valet parking is available.

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Full DisclosureNothing to disclose. We paid for our food. The desserts were given complimentary to all the guests on the first day of the soft opening. We are not connected with the establishment or any organization marketing it. P.S. I’m sure their operations won’t be perfect during the soft opening. Feel free to provide your feedback in the comments section of this blog post. P.P.S. I still don’t get why they’d want to call a restaurant “The Flowers”. Any guess?

10 thoughts on “LAS FLORES: Modern Spanish Resto by (former) Barcino + Andilana (Spain) Group

  1. have you tried Guernica’s in Sucat/ Santana Grove? My mom says it was famous before and the Sucat branch is the only remaining branch now. Kawawa naman, masarap ang food pero konti lang ang tao nung pumunta kami one Sunday lunch. Maybe because ang daming kalaban sa area.

  2. i hope they don’t use arborio rice for their paella, as you mentioned. common knowledge that the shorter grain bomba rice is used. i believe it is available at terry’s, etc.

  3. P.P.S. I still don’t get why they’d want to call a restaurant “The Flowers”. Any guess?
    sorry this made me laugh a little. :))))))))))))))

  4. We ordered the tuna tartare, slow cooked pork, chicken croquetas, chorizo croquetas and seafood paella. I must say that I felt really cheated. They should just turn this into a bar coz it’s in the drinks where they excel.

  5. I had dinner at Las Flores with some friends and the service was absolutely horrific. The staff was inattentive, unfriendly, we had to ask for our drinks after the appetizers arrived first, we could not get good bread until the third try and I could go on and on… The place was not full for a Friday night but the staff looked liked they were exhausted and harassed by 9:00 pm. We had to keep on calling their attention to get any attention… The food did not make up for the lousy service. Las Flores needs to up it’s standards again. It was an absolute disappointment.

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