Larcy♥s Cupcakery Cafe in BF!

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As we were driving along Aguirre Street in BF Homes, Paranaque City, we couldn’t help but notice the Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe that opened  this holiday season.

Ever since Sonja’s Cupcakes opened in Sept. 2006, most of the bakers that specialized on cupcakes are either home-based or bazaristas, and no one has a full-blown bakery, and cafe with an all-day breakfast. 

“Who is Larcy?”, I asked myself because I was impressed that she has opened with a wholistic-brand approach and focused on niche-marketing  – the “Cupcakery Cafe” concept.

Check out why Larcy’s will be the coolest place for desserts and after-meal hangout in the BF area:


Blugre Coffee-1.jpg
The husband-and-wife tandem of Gatchi and Larcy Gatchalian is more known for the most- raved about Blugre Coffee in Davao which they established in 1998.

Durian de leche Cheesecake
Blugre was also famous in the foodie’s circle for the Durian de leche cheesecake that Larcy has created.

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Since their daughter is now studying in Ateneo, they decided to sell the Blugre Coffee business. The family then moved back to Manila, bought a lot in BF and established the Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe.

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-1.jpg
Larcy’s  Café  is girlish highlighted by the color pink and hearts, and every inch  carefully designed to provide the Cupcakery ambiance.

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There are plenty of tables and nooks to choose from that are conducive for hanging out with the barkada.

(Although, the acoustic is bad and could get distracting with the chattering of the customers)

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The second floor has two function rooms (capacity of 20 each) and an alfresco balcony seats which are more conducive for intimate conversations (and smoking sessions).

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-38.jpg
For a romantic dessert for two, these are our preferred seats 🙂

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-9.jpg
Larcy’s Signature Cupcakes, Chocolatey Cupcakes | Fruity Cupcakes, Cheesy & Creamy Cupcakes, Monster Cupcakes | Larcy’s Menu: Rice, Sandwiches, Pica-Pica, Chocolate, Coffee and Freeze Drinks

It was the perfect desserts place in BF with innovative flavors like Tamarind cupcake and hopefully a Durian cupcake version. (We’ll try the dishes next time)

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You can see Larcy in the open kitchen set-up frosting the cupcakes herself.

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-11.jpg
One of their bestsellers is the Pink Velvet, their own take on the Red Velvet craze.

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-28.jpg Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-34.jpg
Pink Velvet (P65/cupcake).

I like the attention to details of serving the cupcake on a special cupcake holder. I love the cupcake icing which is more creamy than sugary. The freshly-baked cupcake is a bit light, spongy and dry. We prefer our cupcakes to be moist. 

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-29.jpg
Valrohna Triple Chocolate (P75/cupcake).

The chocolate cupcake is just the right size, good value pricing, and nice chocolatey flavor.

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-33.jpg
Hot Latte (P95)

Their coffee is expected to be good based on their Blugre expertise. The coffee beans are specially blended for them and come a bit strong for me.  

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-22.jpg
They have special pink boxes if you want to take out the cupcakes as gifts.

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-16.jpg
Love the Cupcake Monster shirts and the overall Larcy’s Cupcakery merchandising.

(Take a look at the Larcy’s Merchandise price list.)

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-40.jpg
Congratulations to Larcy and Gatchi Gatchalian for a successful Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe opening 🙂

I felt an instant connection with Gatchi who was a former P&Ger with P&G Sales based in Davao/Mindanao area and we have common P&G friends — Sonny de Leon, Ferdie Insigne, Levi Labra, et al.

Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe-8.jpg
Overall, we love the neighborhood cupcakery ambiance conducive for desserts when you are food tripping in the BF area. I personally like the icing on  their cupcakes but we prefer cupcakes that are moist ala “melt-in-the mouth” type. 

It was a good move not to bring Blugre here in Manila but instead set up a new niche concept. I do hope Larcy comes up soon with a Durian de leche cupcake equivalent 🙂 Congratulations to the successful opening!

Larcys Cupcakery Cafe
Beyond Premium Cupcakes
178 Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Parañaque 
Telephone:  +632 799-4174
Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursdays – 11.00am to 12am
Friday to Saturday – 11.00am to 2.00am
FacebookLarcy’s Cupcakerycafe
Twitter: @larcyscupcakery
Instagram: @larcyscupcakery

Cash Only. Make sure to withdraw money in advance.


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16 thoughts on “Larcy♥s Cupcakery Cafe in BF!

  1. We tried their cupcakes. Sorry to say but they were all terrible, with only the chocolate cupcake being decent and not even good. They still might survive though as a number of people in BF have bad taste (just look at the surviving Kenji Tei, Sen Lek etc.). I won’t be surprised to see the number of people fall during their second quarter after the trial phase.

  2. underwhelming. available flavors on opening night were only chocolate and pink velvet (WHERE WERE THE OTHER FLAVORS, IT’S OPENING NIGHT!), and both were dry. im not sure what chocolate they used, but it lacked the richness and depth expected from quality chocolate cupcakes. the frosting was nothing to rave about. the candy sprinkles atop the pink velvet was a really poor attempt to add texture? aesthetic value? because it’s painful to chew them up. did i mention dry? also, it was crazy behind the counter! there were at least three people running the cashier’s nook, and no orders were being processed or punched. finally, the cupcakery had a cold ambiance – not at all what i expect from a pink-and-hearts-laden bakery. sayang. 🙁

  3. Tried it out last night— pink velvet was dry. valrhona still dry (was it even really valrhona??? ) didn’t taste valrhona to me. carrot pineapple was a disaster–tasted very flat even the cream cheese frosting couldn’t save it. toblerone cheesecake tasted cream cheese + custard mix which came off really cheap tasting plus to top it off a very thick crust. Very disappointing. My money wasted on such expensive and flavorless cupcake. 80php for a 3oz cupcake? you’ve got to be kidding me. The crew wasn’t very welcoming at all. Sayang ang place–turns out it’s just another wannabe cupcakery. Indeed looks can be deceiving.

  4. went here last week. their pink velvet cupcake is really dry. the blueberry cheese cake is made of whipped cream and not cream cheese. the crust of the so-called cheesecake is a just a pampalubag loob, sprinkle of grahams. after tasting their cupcake, i suddenly missed Sonja’s yummy red velvet cupcake and conti’s blueberry cheesecake.

  5. “no one has a full-blown bakery, and cafe with an all-day breakfast. ”
    — not true. case in point, Blushing Cupcakes.

  6. Me and my girlfriend ate dinner here and it was the worst. Over priced, bad meat quality and nothing special with the taste.

  7. Impressive place but i’d rather have cupcakes at kat’s in bfrv they have far better tasting cupcakes than larcy’s and cheaper too. I live in bf homes but with the bad service and horrible expensive dessert and drinks at larcy’s id rather go somewhere else for my dessert and coffee. Such a shame for a fancy place.

  8. Hmm.. To be honest, I loved the cupcakes! I went with a friend, despite of constant reminders from friends not t go to LARCY’S because of bad, nothing great and expensive cupcakes, i still went. I tried 3 different cupcakes, i mean, I liked it.. BUT my friend and I were both kinda DRUNK… 😀 Maybe the alcohol made it all taste good. the cupcakes in SHORTCRUSTs Are soo much better. Its just right infront of cassanda vet clinic. Soo much cheaper and Their RED VELVET is to die FOR!:)

  9. hi im a cupcake monster… ive tried many… i even bake my own when i have time…. so i was sooo disappointed with Larcys… the cake was dry and crumbly and the icing tasted like MAYO! so they probably use alot if not entirely shortening or butter compound for their “buttercream” icing. I dont know why the bakers dont notice that the icing was short of gross! sour and greasy! my kids even dint eat them anymore! No amount of cute branding & decor can mask poor products.

  10. I have not tried a cupcake from Larcy’s (I find them quite expensive really, given it’s inside a subdivision. They’re cupcakes are priced from PhP65-PhP95.) But I tried their Frozen Hot Chocolate Velvet beverage, and while that is good, again I find it quite pricey (PhP175 for aTall size cup similar to that of Starbucks). That drink tastes good, but very reminiscent of a creamy, Magnolia Chocolait drink. Overall, I think with this product I’ve tried, it’s not really worth what I’ve paid for. If that drink is priced at PhP100-120, it would be justifiable. I will not come back to Larcy’s.
    I tried Kat’s Cafe in BF Resort Village, Las Pinas. Comparable to Larcy’s, this one is also located inside a private subdivision. But the price points for Kat’s Cafe is much lesser than Larcy’s. I have tried Kat’s cupcakes, and while they’re not the type of Sonja’s or Vanilla Cupcakery, the cupcakes are quite good, and you really get the value of your money. As far as I can remember, cupcakes at Kat’s Cafe are priced at PhP50-85. Not bad, right?

  11. I havent tried the cupcakes yet. I had just reviewed some reviews. Some are positive & some are negative. I am now more curious about Kat’s Cafe since it was mentioned 2x.

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