BELLEVUE RESORT: 10 Things We Love About our Family Bohol Escape @BellevueResort!

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Bellevue Resort The Bellevue Resort is a luxurious 5-star resort situated on the peaceful shorelines of Doljo Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol. It’s perfect for families both looking for quiet leisure time and fun-filled activities on their Bohol vacation. Our family escaped to Bellevue Resort during the Labor Day weekend, and here are the 10 things we love about our experience…

THE BELLEVUE BOHOL RESORT Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines Website: Landline: +63 (38) 422-2222 Facebook: thebellevueresortbohol Twitter: @bellevueresort Instagram: @bellevueresort

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1. Peaceful Location Bellevue Resort Far away from the cluttered city, you’ll get a peaceful sense of privacy throughout your stay. 2. Infinity Pool and Doljo Beach Family Fun Bellevue Resort Love the design of the infinity pool with a view of Doljo beach. IMG_4937.jpg Kids can swim safely at the 2 feet and 4 feet areas… Bellevue Resort …while experienced swimmers can dive endlessly in the 12 feet pool. Bellevue Resort The beach has a 250-meter stretch of white sand and gradually slopes to the water, which makes it safe for the kids to play in. Bellevue Resort A closer look at the white sands of Doljo beach. Bellevue Resort It’s quite relaxing with only checked-in guests allowed on the beach front. Bellevue Resort The sandy floor beneath the water is shallow… Bohol Island Hopping Tour-100.jpg …but also a bit rocky, with lots of seaweed at some point and the occasional jellyfish. Bellevue Resort The water is calm, which is ideal for first-time kayakers and stand up paddlers. Bellevue Resort Make sure to allot time to play water volleyball with the family. 3. Spacious Resort Rooms Bellevue Resort We stayed at the Deluxe Ocean View Room. Bellevue has the most spacious rooms compared to other resorts in Bohol. Bellevue Resort There’s a bathtub, which is a standard in every room. Bellevue Resort Complimentary Bohol peanut kisses and peanut fingers, specialities perfect for pasalubong (souvenir). 4. Awesome Sunrise Ocean View IMG_4883.jpg Imagine waking up to an amazing ocean view from your balcony with the sunrise greeting you an awesome morning. 5. Bellevue Suite with Jacuzzi Bellevue Resort-5.jpg For the best family stay, book the suite room (102 square meters) with king bed… Bellevue Resort-4.jpg …living area with Satellite/Cable LED Television TV, iPod Dock Speaker, and fast LAN and WiFi access… Bellevue Resort-2.jpg …Private toilet and bath… Bellevue Resort-7.jpg …relaxing Kudos Spa amenities… Bellevue Resort-3.jpg …and bathtub. IMG_4908.jpg Best of all, the balcony with an ocean view and outdoor jacuzzi! 6. Lamian Breakfast Bellevue Resort The breakfast buffet is served from 7:00am to 10:00am at the Lamian Restaurant. Bellevue Resort What we liked about the buffet is the preserved dangit, dilis, and squid paired with suka (vinegar) and garlic rice. IMG_4896.jpg Classic bacon, sausage, and spam. Bellevue Resort Our favorite is the eat-all-you-can Philippine dried mango and fresh pomelo fruit. Bellevue Resort Try the local pastries like torta. Bellevue Resort Preserved meat ox tongue, smoked ham, salami, and the cheese section. Bellevue Resort Order the thick hot choco made from tablea. Add sugar because it can be quite bitter. 🙂 Bellevue Resort Don’t forget to get the ensaymada to pair with the hot chocolate. 7. Bellevue Kids Playroom Bellevue Bohol There’s something fun for kids of any age. Bellevue Bohol It’s a clean, safe, and air-conditioned place where you can leave your kids for hours. Bellevue Bohol There’s a basketball arcade… Bellevue Resort …Playstation gaming… Bellevue Resort …table tennis… Bellevue Resort …air hockey… Marea-19.jpg …computer games and table football… Bellevue Resort …and giant chess. 8. Lunch at Marea Restaurant Bellevue Resort We had lunch at the Marea restaurant, which serves international and Filipino a la carte dishes in an indoor and outdoor setting. Bellevue Resort Marea Menu: Appetizers, Soup | Salad, Pizza | Pasta, Sandwiches & Wraps | Main Course, American Steaks | Rice and Noodles, Boholano Specialties | Food of the Philippines | Chinese Family Style | Kid’s Menu, Desserts The international menu includes a wide assortment of Malaysian, Indonesian, European, Chinese, and Singaporean dishes. We tried a lot of the dishes and here are our favorites… Bellevue Resort The kids love the complimentary mango butter and bread sticks. Bellevue Resort Nilarang na Pagi (P310). Stingray simmered in coconut milk and malunggay leaves. Simmered stingray and vegetables in spiced coconut cream broth. The dish is a Boholano favorite and is best enjoyed with freshly steamed rice. The creamy broth is sweet and spicy and cooked with a lot of ginger, star anise, spices, and salted black beans. The pagi or stingray is tedious to eat but is very delicious! Bellevue Resort Halang-Halang chicken (P350). Native chicken cooked with chili, ginger, turmeric, garlic, and annatto oil. One of their bestsellers is this classic Boholano dish. Halang-Halang chicken literally means mild spicy chicken. Similar to tinola, they used free-range native chicken, papaya, ginger, and green leaves but is instead cooked in coconut milk, annatto, and chili peppers. Bellevue Resort Balbacua (P430). Tender oxtail stew simmered in peanut sauce. Balbacua is the Boholano version of kare-kare, but with crushed nuts and highlighted with peanut butter. The earthy sweetness of the peanuts makes the sauce richer in flavor. Bellevue Resort Tinunuang Nukos (P425). Squid adobo in milk coconut stew.  This is my wife’s favorite because of the tasty black sauce, and the squid is cooked just right. Dare to smile after eating this. 😀 Marea-34.jpg Seafood Laksa (P375). Malaysian shrimp and chicken spicy noodle soup. It was surprising to find a good, comforting laksa on the beach. Try this for something different. Marea-30.jpg Penang Seafood Curry (P495). Prawns, mussels, and grouper simmered in coconut curry broth, served with rice. Prawns, mussels, grouper simmered in coconut curry broth served with rice. We liked the sauces they use for both the laksa and seafood curry. Bellevue Resort Manila Fried Chicken (P750). Roasted fried marinated butterfly whole chicken, rice sticks, vegetables, and gravy. Chef Eugene San Juan’s signature Manila Fried Chicken–marinated chicken Pinoy-style with crispy noodles and mango salad on the side. Bellevue Resort Bellevue Tropical Coconut Pudding (P195). Refreshing agar-agar jellied coconut dessert for the family. For dessert, our favorite is the tropical buko pudding made from 100% buko. Quite refreshing and fun to eat with its gelatinous texture. Bellevue Resort Sweet Delight (P250) Try the red apple, fresh pineapple, celery, and carrot combination. Marea-22.jpg Drinks Menu: – Healthy Drinks, Selected Wines, Shooters, Signature Cocktails – Classic Cocktails, Mocktails, Milk Shakes, Spiked Milkshakes, Smoothies, Aperitifs – Cognac, Brandy, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Whisky, After Dinner Drinks – Beer, Imported Beer, Soft Drinks, Mineral Water, Chilled Juices, Fresh Fruit Juice, Iced Tea, Iced Coffee – Hot Tea and Hot Coffee After eating, you can hang out for more drinks or cocktails. 9. Bellevue’s Dolphin Watching and Island Hopping Day Tour Bellevue Resort One of the must-do activities in Bohol is watching the dolphins swim in their natural habitat near Pamilacan Island. It’s recommended to get the Bohol Island hopping tour from the resort you’re staying at, but you can also book a boat elsewhere depending on how big your group is. We prefer the island hopping speed boats used by Bellevue Resort, which are ideal for getting close to the dolphin action and are much faster than the bancas. Here is a photo essay of our dolphin watching and island hopping experience… Read More: BOHOL: Dolphin Watching, Balicasag and Isola di Francesco Tour Experience (Must Read!) 10. Themed Dinner Buffet Bellevue Bohol Our adventure ended with a sumptuous Spanish buffet at the outdoor sitting of Lamian World Cuisine, with fresh seafood as the highlight of the night. Bellevue Resort Thursday night is Barrio Fiesta, Friday Night is Seafood, and Saturday is International Night (like our Spanish Buffet), which costs P899++ (10% service charge and 12% vat). Bellevue Bohol We liked the gambas in spicy tomato sauce. Bellevue Bohol Slipper lobster cooked three ways–fried, grilled, with white sauce. Bellevue Bohol Creamy Victoria lobster with white sauce and buttermilk. IMG_4960.jpg Our favorite is the grilling section. Order the shrimp wrapped in bacon, chorizo, liempo (pork belly), lobster, and clams. Bellevue Bohol Also, check out the calamari and shrimps that are fried upon order for the best texture. Bellevue Bohol Enjoy the make-your-own halo-halo section to end the dinner. Bellevue Resort The sun sets on the far side of the resort, but you can still enjoy the sunset colors that reflect on the water and the sky. How to Get There (Manila-Tagbilaran)  SUP Tours Philippines-3.jpg By plane, we arrived from Manila to Tagbilaran (Bohol) in one hour and 25 minutes. A one-way ticket from Manila to Tagbilaran is usually around Php 3,000. Travel tip: We booked our flights with Skiddoo, which offered us a cheap and easy way to book our flights online. That’s right. The fastest growing online travel agency out of Australia is now in the Philippines! It’s the cheapest place for you to compare and book airfare. If you find cheaper flights on another website, Skiddoo is ready to match that price. Just take a screenshot of the cheaper flight’s price, call+632 770-5380 and email the picture to so Skiddoo can verify it. Where else can you find travel agents online who would lower their price for you? For more info, just visit their website at Tagbilaran Airport to Resort Bellevue Resort Tagbilaran Domestic Airport is a 30-minute car ride to the resort. Airport and seaport transfers are free when part of your room package. Bellevue Resort We had a warm Filipino welcome upon arrival with necklaces made from shells and welcome drinks made from local potato-tops and orange sunquick. Bellevue Resort Overall, we loved our stay at The Bellevue Resort because of: – The peaceful location – Infinity pool and Doljo Beach family fun – Spacious resort rooms – Awesome sunrise ocean view – Bellevue Suite with jacuzzi – Lamian breakfast – Bellevue Kids Playroom – Lunch at Marea Restaurant – Bellevue’s dolphin watching and island hopping day tour – Themed dinner buffet What we didn’t like during our stay: – You’re a bit confined in the resort – The beach is not swimmable – In-room dining is not delicious THE BELLEVUE BOHOL RESORT Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines Website: Landline: +63 (38) 422-2222 Facebook: thebellevueresortbohol Twitter: @bellevueresort Instagram: @bellevueresort Check out low rates and availability from Agoda: The Bellevue Resort Live an Awesome Life,


Founder,  Disclosure: Our stay was courtesy of The Bellevue Resort. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here. P.S. Don’t miss to attend the 5.00 pm. Sunday English Mass at the beautiful St. Augustine Church along Hontanosas Road (5 minutes away from Bellevue Resort). Bellevue Resort Marea-36.jpg

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  1. Hi 🙂 My boyfriend and I are planning to go to Bohol and we wanted to book in Bellevue. I noticed your comment that the beach is not swimmable. Can you kindly share why? Thank you! 🙂

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