TOMATITO MANILA: How Sexy is this 80’s-inspired Spanish Tapas Bar? (A Review)

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TOMATITO MANILA is an 80’s-inspired Spanish Tapas and Paella restaurant by Shanghai-based El Willy Fun F&B Group (by Chef Willy Trullas Moreno) in partnership with the Rambla/Las Flores/La Lola group (by the Barcelona trio of Uri Singla, Dani Aliaga, and Sergi Rostoll). 

The name is inspired by Spanish Flamenco guitarist José Fernández Torres, also known as Tomatito. It also means “little tomato“–a fun brand name since it easily rolls off the tongue. The concept is a mix of Spanish popular culture, the 80’s bar, and a seductive red theme.

So is the concept really sexy? We tried Tomatito with our former P&G friends and here’s what we think about it…

TOMATITO Sexy Tapas Bar
G/F BGC Corporate Center, 30th St. cor 11th Ave, BGC, Taguig City
Telephone: +632 805-7840
Mobile: +63 915 588-4803
Instagram: @tomatitomanila
Facebook: @tomatitomanila

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It’s impossible to miss Tomatito, located at the ground floor of the new GC Corporate Center, beside Seda Hotel and opposite One Serendra.

Tomatito Manila-26.jpg

As you enter, you’ll be greeted by the funky design, soothing music, and sexy red theme. You can sit at the bar for an authentic tapas experience.

Tomatito Manila-30.jpg

This is the main dining area for big groups with a backdrop of flamenco outfits and a view of the kitchen.

Tomatito Manila-31.jpg

Gen X-ers will surely recognize most of these 80’s music icons.

Tomatito Manila-27.jpg

The best place to sit is by the comfortable couch tables on the side for added privacy.

Tomatito Manila-3.jpg

TOMATITO MENUChef’s Selections, La chacine (Butcher’s Shop), To start | Montaditos, Frituras, Huevos, La sopa, Pescado | Verde (salads), carne, El asador, Arroces | Dulce tentacion (desserts)

The menu is approachable, focusing on tapas, meat plates, and paella. 

Tomatito Manila-13.jpg

Salmon TNT (P595). Explosive balik smoked salmon with honey and truffle…BOOM!!!

Most people rave about this, which is best eaten in one bite. The thin crisp pastry explodes with sweet flavors of honey and truffle. 

Tomatito Manila-17.jpg

Filete con Airbag (P325). Cheese and tenderloin steak airbaguettes.

The favorite of the night was this kayak-shaped airbaguettes filled with cheese and wrapped with tenderloin steak. 

Tomatito Manila-18.jpg

Chipirones a la Andaluza (P275). Fried baby squid with chipotle cream and aioli.

A classic Andalucia fried seafood tapas made from fried baby squid. It’s good dipped in the garlic mayo sauce but also a bit oily

Tomatito Manila-37.jpg

Montaditos de Gambas (P375). Our famous sexy prawn snacks.

A simple prawn cracker topped with prawns, mayo, and garnish.

Tomatito Manila-15.jpg

Pulpo a la Tomatito (P595). Octopus with baby potatoes, smoked paprika, and Iberian ham!

The octopus was a bit tough and needed more massaging. The pulpo at Bar Pintxos is a lot better.

Tomatito Manila-55.jpg

Ceviche de Atun (P395). Citrus marinated tuna ceviche, watermelon, and basil.

A healthy raw tuna serving with watermelon and basil. Make sure to use a spoon and scoop up the sauce when you eat the ceviche.

Tomatito Manila-57.jpg

Atun con Gazpacho y Olivas (P295). Semi-cooked tuna loin with gazpacho and olives.

Something different. It’s like a seared tuna on a bed of cold tomato soup with olives. Fans of gazpacho will probably enjoy this.

Tomatito Manila-25.jpg
Teso La Monja – Romanico (P1,650). Tempranillo. Toro, Spain.

Wine Menu: Wine by the glass | Por Novilladas (Young bulls), De Casta! (With breed!) | De Ovacion y Ole (Ovation and ole!) | Una Oreja (One Ear), Dos Orejas (Two Ears), El Rabo (The tail) | Por la puerta grande! (Through the big door!), Cava and Champagne

They have a wide selection of Spanish contemporary wines. We ended up ordering this Romanico tempranillo because it’s easy to drink and pairs well with the tapas.

Tomatito Manila-10.jpg

Solomillitos al Ajillo (P395)Beef striploin steak with sauteed garlic and potatoes.

Thinly sliced lean meat with garlic flavors–frankly, cheap and unmemorable. Better spend on the other, more premium meat options.

Tomatito Manila-14.jpg

Churrasco de Buey (P925). Slow cooked beef short ribs with truffle mashed potato, potato chips, and demi-glace.

This has all the ingredients to be one of the great dishes at Tomatito, but the meat was tough.

Tomatito Manila-33.jpg
Albondigas (P225). Mama style home made meatballs in natural tomato sauce.

We love the sauce, but it overpowered the quality of the meatballs.

Tomatito Manila-40.jpg

We ordered 3 paellas for the night. Our favorite was the classic Paella Valenciana as recommended by Uri Singla.

Tomatito Manila-41.jpg
Paella Valenciana (P795). Traditional dry paella with chicken, rosemary, and snow beans.

Served with a thin layer of rice like they do in Valencia, with the chicken infused into the paella with seafood stock.

I like how they really cook in a paellera and serve it hot, unlike in other Spanish restos where the paellera is just used as a serving plate.

Tomatito Manila-51.jpg
Paella del Txiringuito (P895). Very special seafood dry paella.

This paella topped with seafood brings back memories of eating paella in Xiringuito Escribà along the beaches of Barcelona. 

Squeeze some lemon juice over the paella to bring out the flavors of the seafood and to contrast with saltiness.

Tomatito Manila-44.jpg

The serving can be shared among 5-7 persons. Make sure to get the sweet and crunchy socarrat (tutong) that Filipinos love.

Tomatito Manila-58.jpg

Such a fun kulitan night with the rest of the P&G Thundercats. 🙂

Tomatito Manila-62.jpg

Las Locuras de Carlos (P695). Sexy mixed dessert plate.

There’s so much going on here. I loved the Kit Kat-like Lego chocolate bars.

Tomatito Manila-65.jpg

Bollycao (P230). Nutella chocolate brioche buns.

This was the best and deadliest dessert of the night–you simply can’t resist! It’s a street food snack of brioche bun stuffed with oozing Nutella. So good!

Tomatito Manila-67.jpg

End the meal with this digestive grappa–Orujo de Galicia. It’s available in the original white version and the sweeter yellow version (like a dessert wine).

Tomatito Manila-70.jpg

It was awesome to reminisce our glory days in P&G IT. Salud!

Tomatito Manila-72.jpg

Congrats to Chef Willy and Uri Singla for the successful opening of the Tomatito concept in Manila! 

Tomatito Manila-1.jpg

I like TOMATITO‘s  overall sexy vibe with funky colors, vintage 80’s design, and contemporary tapas. It’s a good place to meet with friends because the acoustics and the music are nice with a youthful aura.

Order the Salmon TNT, Filete con Airbag, and Montaditos de Gambas signature tapas. The paella is good and just like how they serve it in Spain. Order the Paella Valenciana or the Paella del Txiringuito. Don’t order the Arroz Negro Paella.

The meat dishes we tried were unfortunately hit or miss in terms of the quality of the meat itself. Let me know if you can recommend any other meat dishes from their menu.

Budget about P1,500/head for a full experience, which includes a varied selection of tapas, paella, and a bottle of wine.

Congrats to the Rambla and El Willy group for bringing a fun Spanish concept to BGC!

TOMATITO Sexy Tapas Bar
G/F BGC Corporate Center, 30th St. cor 11th Ave, BGC, Taguig City
Telephone: +632 805-7840
Mobile: +63 915 588-4803
Instagram: @tomatitomanila
Facebook: @tomatitomanila

Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: We paid for our meal with some complimentary dishes from the chef. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. You won’t have problems with parking because Tomatito has a spacious open lot parking beside it!

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