RAMBLA SALCEDO Makati: Best Spanish Tapas Bar in the Salcedo Neighborhood!

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RAMBLA COCINA MODERNA Salcedo is the second branch of Bistronomia restaurant group’s popular Spanish tapas bar in Rockwell named after the famous street of La Rambla in Barcelona. It’s bigger in terms of space but still exudes the good neighborhood tapas bar vibe. One of the best Spanish tapas bars in the Salcedo neighborhood area, here’s what we love about Rambla Salcedo…  

#129 Unit G12, Tordesillas cor. Bautista Sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City
Operating Hours: 11.00 am – 2.00 am
Mobile: +63 966 331-1351
Email: info@bistronomia.ph, reservations@bistronomia.ph
Facebook: RamblaPH
Instagram: @RamblaPH

First Things First

Rambla Salcedo Makati-3.jpg

We loved the high-ceiling romantic ambiance and the dramatic evening glow.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-4.jpg

The best seats in the house are the tables with an artsy backdrop of empty wine bottles directly in front of the wine lounge sala area.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-117.jpg

You can seat at the far end of the resto with floor to ceiling windows and a street scene view of Baustista St. fronting Gino’s and Calderon.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-12.jpg

There’s an exclusive mezzanine area for your private functions for more intimate gatherings.

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Rambla Cocina Moderna Menu: Chef’s Selection | Quesos Y Embutidos | Tapas Frias | Tapas Calientes, Fritos | Huevos, Ensaladas, Paellas Y Pastas | Pescados, Carnes

Dessert Menu:Spanish Desserts 1 | Spanish Desserts 2 | Spanish Desserts 3 |

It maintains 80% of the best selling dishes, with 20% of the menu coming from bestsellers from BCN and Las Flores.  


Rambla Salcedo Makati-7.jpg

You can start with slices of Iberian ham from La Prudencia.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-103.jpg

La Coctelera Menu: Especiales, Verano | Otoño, Invierno | Primavera, Gin & Tonic | Non-Alcoholic, Tapas | Bar List | Cerveza Nuevas Rambla Wine Menu: Red Wine | Wine by the Glass | Sparkling Wine | Rose Wine | White Wine 1 | White Wine 2 | Red Wine 1 | Red Wine 2 | Red Wine 3 | Red Wine 4 | Red Wine 5 | Red Wine 6

They are a thought leader with their exciting cocktail program.

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Sicilian Limonata (₱350). Fresh Lemonade with Almond flavor
Pisco Sour (₱450). Pisco, Lemon, Sweets, Bitters
Mosco Mule Part II (₱450). Vodka Citron, Ginger, Yuzu, Lemonade
5 Days in Rambla (₱395). Rum, Aperol, Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit Start with the Pisco Sour and, next thing you know, you’re ordering one glass after another.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-50.jpg

Then tickle your taste buds with the spiral chicharones sprayed with vinegar.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-53.jpg

There’s a bread for everyone’s preference.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-81.jpg

L’Equilibrista, Ca N’estruc, Xarel.lo, Catalunya (₱395/glass, ₱1,995/bottle). (vivino 3.8)

I like starting with a nice, crisp white wine to enjoy my tapas.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-56.jpg

Spherical Olives (₱50/pc). Marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pop one of these molecularly famous spherified olives to kick off your appetite.  

Tapas Frias (Cold)

Rambla Salcedo Makati-58.jpg

Tartar de Atun (₱430 – 4 pcs.). Cones of Tuna Tartar with Wasabi Mayo

This was the most loved tapas during our taste test, a must order during every Rambla visit.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-59.jpg

Anchovies Air Baguettes (₱450 – 4 pcs.)

One long strip of anchovy over air baguettes made famous by Tomatito’s.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-63.jpg

Salmon & Salmon (₱690 – 5 pcs.). Marinated Salmon, Salmon Caviar, Ricotta Cheese & Air Baguettes

A classic combination of marinated salmon topped with roe and a dollop of ricotta.  

Tapas Calientes (Hot)

Rambla Salcedo Makati-105.jpg

Sopa de Ajos (₱325). Garlic soup with Sous Vide Egg & Ham

We love garlic soup. This one is made rich with the soft-boiled sous vide egg.

Rambla Salcedo Lunch-7.jpg

Callos Picantes con Garbanzos (₱520). Spiced Beef Tripe Stew with Chickpeas

The callos is one of the best we’ve tasted. Use the bread to wipe the sauce clean off the pot.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-66.jpg

Gamba Roll (₱795). Green Apple, Celery & Spicy Cream

This is like a shrimp cocktail on a mini-brioche.

Rambla Salcedo Lunch-8.jpg

Bikini Sandwich (₱365). Iberian Ham, Mozarella, Truffle Paste

A Spanish version of the club sandwich but much, much better.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-64.jpg

Chistorra & Manchego Cheese (₱375 – 4 pcs.). Ramba’s Mini Pizza

Two of my favorite Spanish pasalubongs topped on a mini-pizza.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-79.jpg

Bocadillo de Butifarra (₱475). Catalan Sausage Sandwich with Lime Alioli & Shiitake Onion

Slices of Butifarra Catalan sausage on a Pan Con Tomate hotdog baguette.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-82.jpg

Montadillo de Solomillo (₱995 – 4 pcs.). Beef Tenderloin, Cepes & Foie Pate, Caramelized Apple

This is the best of them all—a slice of steak with foie gras pate and caramelized apple combination. So good!

Rambla Salcedo Makati-84.jpg

Keltic Club (525). Irish Whisky, Apricot, Bitters, Lemon, Sweets

Tapas are really best with another round of cocktails.  


Rambla Salcedo Makati-68.jpg

Croquetas de Txangurro (495). Crab Croquetas with Salmon Sashimi

Pillowy soft one-bite seafood croquetas. Yum!

Rambla Salcedo Makati-73.jpg

Pineapple & Foie Empanada (₱625). Beef Juice Reduction

Not your usual mini-empanada with pineapple & foie gras.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-71.jpg

Patatas Bravas (295)Potatoes with Alioli & Spicy Sauce A classic Spanish favorite.

Thank you, next.  


Rambla Salcedo Lunch-5.jpg Gulas (₱995). With Garlic Sauce, Iberian Ham & Sous Vide Egg

Oh my Gulas! Ang sarap! Our favorite!  


Rambla Salcedo Makati-88.jpg

Paella de Setas (₱895). Mushroom Paella with Truffle Aioli

We loved Bistronomia’s Spanish Paella with a thin layer of bomba rice absorbing the mushroom sauce. For the best experience, add 905+ to order this with chunks of Iberian meat!

Rambla Salcedo Makati-97.jpg

Paella Mar Y Montana (₱880). Chicken & Prawns Paella with Romescu Sauce

Order this classic paella mixta of chicken and prawns and the special Spanish romescu sauce made from tomatoes & bell peppers. Make sure to specify that you want your paella with socarrat if you prefer a nice caramelized crust in the bottom.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-99.jpg

Grilled Tuna Belly (₱795). With Garlic Sauce, Mashed Potato & Piparra

You can order grilled tuna belly to add to your seafood paella.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-102.jpg

BBQ Costillar de Cerdo Iberico (₱1,100). Iberian Pork BBQ Ribs with Sweet Corn

You can’t go wrong with Iberian pork ribs to go with your paella…

Rambla Salcedo Makati-94.jpg

Alava Vineyards Tempranillo 2016 (₱425/glass, ₱1,995/bottle). (vivino 3.8)

…and a glass of Tempranillo to bring back memories of Spain.


Rambla Salcedo Makati-110.jpg

Tarta de Calamansi (215). Calamansi Meringue Pie

Sometimes, we like to end with a tarty dessert to remove the umay from the saucy paella.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-113.jpg

Flan de Huevo Con Crema de Limon (₱235). Flan, Lemon Sauce & Salted Caramel Ice Cream

It’s like leche flan ala mode with lemon sauce to cut through the sweetness.

Rambla Salcedo Makati-115.jpg

Coulant de Gianduja (₱315). Gianduja Coulant with Bailey’s Ice Cream

This time, I preferred a chocolate ending for this dessert had me at Bailey’s.  

Final Thoughts

Rambla Salcedo Makati-118.jpg

Overall, our team’s favorite during the Rambla taste tests are: Tartar de Atun and Montadillo de Solomillo for the tapas; Paella de Setas and BBQ Costillar de Cerdo Iberico for the mains; and Flan de Huevo Con Crema de Limon for dessert. The cocktail program and wine selection are well curated and you can spend the whole night enjoying tapas and wine. Budget about ₱800/head.

Congrats to the restaurant’s owners and culinary team for the best Rambla 2.0 concept!

Rambla Salcedo Makati-1.jpg

It’s our go-to place for lunch meetings in the Salcedo area or for a great night out with tapas- and wine-loving friends.

#129 Unit G12, Tordesillas cor. Bautista Sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City
Operating Hours: 11.00 am – 2.00 am
Mobile: +63 966 331-1351
Email: info@bistronomia.ph, reservations@bistronomia.ph
Facebook: RamblaPH
Instagram: @RamblaPH

Live an Awesome Life, Anton Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com 

Disclosure: Our taste test was courtesy of Rambla but we went back for lunch and paid for our own meal.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions and insights.

P.S. All the food we ordered were quite good except for the quality of Presa Iberico. Hope they improve the quality of the meat.

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  1. Best tapas bar in Salcedo? Have you tried Bar Pintxos a couple of blocks down? The place is not as fancy as this but the food is great. Their foie gras is even better, imo.

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