Jollibee, Philippines and Our Awesome Planet 30 years from now.


In 4 years time, I would have posted my 1,000th blog post so 30 years from now, I do hope to post my 10,000th blog post. … 1984: The Champ is Launched1985: Jollibee becomes the #1 fastfood chain in the Philippines 1987: Efforts to establish a foothold abroad gained ground with the opening of an overseas outlet in Brunei 1991: Jollibee opens its 100th store in Bolton, Davao 1993: Jollibee becomes the first food service corporation to list its share in the PSE. … 2004: Tony Tan Caktiong receives “World Entreprenuer of the Year” award from Earnst & Young 2006: CNBC Asia awards Ernesto Tanmantiong the “Corporate Citizen of the Year” award in Hong Kong 2007: Jollibee opens its 600th store in Aparri, Cagayan, and Las Vegas becomes the first US Jollibee store outside California Text and Photos by Anton Diaz.

One Night in Manila

I’m excited that my short contribution for Lara Day’s One Night in Manila article in Time Magazine was published already. Lara asked three people about their recommendation to people if they only have one night in Manila. I was interviewed together with Jake Macapagal, 40, theater and independent-film actor and JLizette Claudio, 26, head of artist and media relations, MTV Philippines.

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai is Happy New Year in Binondo

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!! In Binondo and with most tsinoys that I met, Kiong Hee Huat Tsai is the proper way to greet Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi is a more commercialized greeting (I guess). Personally, I am starting to get the hang of celebrating Chinese New Year after 5 years of being … Continue reading Kiong Hee Huat Tsai is Happy New Year in Binondo

Random Thoughts on Branding the Philippines

Download BrandingthePhilippines.pdf (975.8K) I just want to share with you an interesting article on Branding the Philippines by Junie del Mundo and Robert de Quelen. … Some practical tips for the new generation of Filipinos: — We literally stopped watching TV already because media is a bad influence to our kids. … Some practical tips for the new generation of Filipinos: — Let’s continue to export nurses, doctors, musicians, IT people, to showcase to the world what Filipinos are made of.

Reedley International School

Reedley boast dozens of case studies on turnaround cases where a happy-go-lucky student became enthusiastic about school and a bullied student and pressured by peers in the big schools transforms into being assertive, confident and knowing all about conflict resolution. … Ong, founder of Reedley, shared her beliefs during the December orientation: ” I believe that with an international education, our kids are given lots of opportunities and seemingly more unique ways of learning, inside and outside of the classroom, less structured but more participatory discussions on: Global issues, economics and polities, 21st century technology, society’s ills, and other relevant and worldly concerns. … Since they are an IS school, they don’t have a focus on Christian formation which is one of the criteria I was looking for in a school.

Happy New Year to All!

Thanks for continuing to read our adventures. 2008 will be an exciting time for our family because we are hoping to publish our blook on The Best of Our Awesome Planet.
…May you continue to live an awesome life in 2008!
…From Syoti Josh in behalf of Anton, Mommy Rache and Aidan.

Merry Christmas To You!

When Aidan woke up, he saw a lot of gifts but it did not occur to him that all of the gifts were for him. … We don’t want to hype up Santa Claus but rather emphasize that it is the birthday of Jesus and we should spend Christmas together as a family.
… Our Christmas gift to Momma Rache is this paper clay caricature art from JNBM Art Shop at Mall of Asia.

We love our Sanuk Sandals!!

It is a perfect Christmas gift for surfer dudes if you can find a nice design in Glorietta. Otherwise, visit their website and ask somebody from the US to buy Sanuk Sandals. Their website is soooo cool and if you read the philosophy of the company, they are soooo cool as well!

Ahiya Aidan meets Syoti Josh for the first time…

” The first time Aidan saw his brother, ang tanong sa akin, “Ma, sino
…hears Joshua cries, he would run and shout that Syoti is crying…and
…when he saw syoti nagmeme, he asked for it…it is one sign na siguro,