Restaurant of Choice (ROC) in UP

ROC is finally giving Chocolate Kiss some competition in the battle for the “Restaurant of Choice” in Bahay ng Alumni (found in the UP campus). It reminded us of the feel-good home-cooking of Henry’s near La Salle, which we miss dearly since it closed down. The restaurant is divided into three sections, which can be easily curtained off for private meetings. It has a classy ambiance with lots of accent paintings and friendlier staff than Chocolate Kiss.

Name that HARANA Song!

I’m excited to watch HARANA after seeing their dress rehearsal at the Philippine Opera Company studio. I appreciated the beauty of Filipino music even more when sang by opera singers and with the colorful costumes. We are giving away HARANA Tickets to the first person who could name the different HARANA Song below. One correct … Continue reading Name that HARANA Song!

Dezato Cafe – Home of the Yummy Mochi

Maria Gorre, the undisputed queen of Mochi (marketed under the Dezato brand), opened a cafe beside their house. It is easy to find — from the E.Rodriguez/ T. Morato intersection, go towards St. Luke’s and immediately turn right along Hemady St. after the first stop light. I like the location because it is away from the commercialized scene and it feels like hanging out in Maria Gorre’s house.


For those in their 30s and above, “Nomnomnom” might mean “inom inom inom,” which could refer to a place where people hang out to drink (at least, that was what I was thinking). But for the young owners of Nomnomnom, the restaurant was named after the nomnomnom sound made by an anime character when he ate yummy food. Well, once you taste their food, you can’t help but say, “Malinomnom…”

Jiggles, the Balloon Lady

Are you tired of the usual balloon acts by clowns during children’s parties? Would you like to see balloon versions of your favorite cartoon characters? Would you like to see the Best Balloon Artist in Manila?
If you answered YES to all the questions, then you’ve got to see Jiggles the Balloon Lady. I saw her in the last Expo MOM and was fascinated by her Balloon Show.

You Tube Cannes Young Lions (Please Vote for Pinoy Entry)

This video is the official entry of an OAP friend, Katrina from JWT, who joined a competition sponsored by Oxfam International and Cannes Lion. It is a film that tells people to sign a petition to get world leaders to attend the UN Summit for Climate Change at Copenhagen in December.

Hi-5 in Manila!

The next generation of the Hi-5 cast for Series 11 is now in Manila. It is composed of Lauren Brant, Tim Maddren, Fely Irvine, Casey Burgess, and Steve Nicholson. Hi-5 is a children’s pop musical show, which, through singing and dancing, explores different places, people, animals and technology that are important for children to know. Aidan loves the Hi-5 show because of the bouncy music and animated dances of the Hi-5 cast.

How to Recover From Food Poisoning?

Aidan, Joshua and I got food poisoning (we suspect) last Sunday. We are recovering from it and I would like to share with you some facts and strategies on how to deal with it. When we visited the Makati Medical Center Emergency Room, I think most of the complaints that night were about upset stomachs or cases of food poisoning. I believe we got the same treatment, advice and prescription.

Taumbayan – The Artists’ Tambayan

We were hesitant at first to visit Taumbayan (near the Kamuning/Tomas Morato area) because we thought it was a bar that’s only open at night. Curiosity won out though, so we brought Aidan and Joshua along to check it out. We were pleased with our Taumbayan experience that we wished there’s a tambayan like this in the Makati area. It reminded me of the original Trellis along McKinley road.