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AzuThai is an authentic Thai restaurant in Makati established in 2008 by Chef J. Gamboa and Malu G. Lindo of the Milky Way family. In 2017, it was the first restaurant certified by the Royal Thai Government with the Thai SELECT Seal for the authenticity of its Thai Food and ingredients. It serves homestyle Thai cuisine prepared by Chef Watee from Bangkok, Thailand.

Here are our favorites at AzuThai.

About AzuThai

The Azu in AzuThai is adapted from AzuMaya (Ramen House), the old name of the former ramen concept in the same location in the Milky Way building.

AzuThai Restaurant MilkyWay Building, 900 Arnaiz Ave. corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm Menu: ☎ +632 8817-6752, 8813-0671 📞+63 927 136-1306 📩 FB: Azuthai IG: @azuthai_makati Visit

In 2017, Azuthai was the first restaurant in the Philippines to receive the Thai Select Award from the Thailand Ministry of Commerce for its authentic Thai Cuisine prepared with Thai ingredients and recipes.

About Thai SELECT The Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Government launched the “Thai SELECT” program to certify and promote authentic Thai cuisine around the world.

It is a seal of approval granted to Thai restaurants (both overseas and local Thai restaurants that serve authentic Thai food) and processed Thai food products. 

The objective is to give recognition to quality Thai restaurants and processed Thai food products as well as to encourage Thai restaurateurs and food producers to raise their quality while maintaining authenticity. 

It feels like home when you dine in AzuThai with the homey quality of the food and the ambiance.

Reserve this private room with a table good for 16-18 pax for your next special celebrations and family gatherings.

Congrats to Chef J. Gamboa and Malu G. Lindo for consistently serving homestyle Thai cuisine prepared by Chef Water from Bangkok, Thailand throughout the years. AzuThai is considered as the OG of authentic Thai Cuisine in Manila. Galing!

Azuthai menu: Special New Dishes | Azuthai favorites, Azuthai Signature Dishes | Vegetarian Dishes, Appetizers | Soups, Salads, Curries, Noodles and Rice | Mains: Seafood, Pork, Beef and Chicken | Noodle Soup Specials, Desserts | Beverages, Fresh Fruit Juices, Waters | AzuThai Lunch and Dinner Set Menus A & B | Menu C (Vegetarian), House Specialty, Open Bar Package

Classic Thai favorites, including Tom Yum Goong, Crispy Catfish Salad, Pomelo Salad, Pad Thai Noodles, and Pandan Chicken, are not to be missed. AzuThai signature dishes are unique and delicious; Crab Omelet, Crispy Lamb Moo, Tom Yum Fried Rice, Crispy Duck Salad, Shrimp Cake Stuffed Eggplant, Crispy Soft Shell Crab, and Grilled U.S. Angus Boneless Ribs with Tamarind Sauce are musts! The restaurant serves traditional Thai desserts and beverages such as Tap Tim Krob, Take, and classic Thai Iced Tea.

Authentic AzuThai

Thai Appetizer Sampler (₱595) Prawn Spring Roll, Fish Cake, Fried Rolls (2 pieces each)

The appetizer sampler with Thai sauce and cucumber salad was good to start with, and it was the Fish Cake that really stood out because of its taste and texture.

Yam Som O (₱595) Pomelo Salad with Prawns, Chicken, Toasted Coconut, Tamarind Dressing

The best Pomelo Salad we have tasted! Soaked in tamarind dressing, the pomelo contrasted with toasted coconuts to cut through the citrusy flavors.

Larb Moo (₱595) Crisped Mince Pork Salad with Chili, Roasted Rice, Powder, Kaffir Lime Leaves

Surprisingly good! Tiny pork balls that are tender inside and crusty outside, with highlights of sour and chili notes. Sarap papakin like popcorn meatballs.

Lemongrass Iced Tea (₱150)

Order the Lemongrass Iced Tea for a refreshing start to ready your palate for Thai flavors.

Yam Pla Duk Foo (₱595) Crispy Catfish Salad with Green Mango, Peanuts, Mint, Lime Dressing

Just the way we expected it to taste—with sourness from the green mango, crusty texture from the catfish and citrusy finish from the lime dressing. So good!

Tom Yum Goong (₱695) Hot and Sour Prawn Soup with Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Lemongrass, Kaffir Leaves, Coriander

This is how we like our Tom Yum. Best to eat it while it’s hot to appreciate the balance of flavors and to refresh your palate for the Thai meal ahead.

Khao Kapi (₱595) Thai Bagoong Fried Rice, Sweet Pork, Dried Shrimp, Egg, Green Mango, Long Beans, Shallots

Classic Bagoong rice that’s not too sweet. Best to mix it all up to balance the flavors.

Pad Thai Gai (₱595) Stir-fried Rice noodles with Chicken, Egg, Spring Onions, Peanuts

The noodles were really soft and did not stick together even when cold. Mix them with the scrambled egg and the spring onions, peanuts, and chili for the best flavor.

Kai Jeaw Poo (₱895) Crab Omelet with Super Lump Crabmeat, Eggs, Onions, Soy Sauce, Chili Dripping Sauce

Everyone was raving about this crab omelet. Best with the sriracha chili sauce.

Pla Naeng Ma Naw (₱1,695) Steamed Whole Boneless Apahap with Lime, Fish, Sauce, Garlic, Coriander, Chili

This was a treat—fresh fish in sweet, sour, chili, and salty flavors with a refreshing touch of lime.

Massaman Gaeh (₱995) Massman Lamb Curry with Shallots, Potatoes, Peanuts Garlic, Coriander, Chili

Everyone was also raving about the curry—not too thick but full of flavor from the herbs and spices. The lamb meat was very tender and sliced in manageable chunks. Good to share.

Order white rice to appreciate the flavor of the curry. It also goes well with Thai beer!

Thai Iced Tea (₱150)

This is the kind of Thai Iced tea that we like. It’s not too sweet, and you can still taste the flavor of the milk and tea. Good to enjoy this in time for dessert to clean your palate.

Thai Style Halo Halo Ruamit with Fresh Coconut Milk (₱295)

Thai Halo Halo with shaved ice, Thai ingredients and lots of fresh coconut milk.

Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream Sundae (₱350) Fresh Mango over warm Sticky Rice topped with homemade Mango Ice Cream, Coconut Cream and Toasted Rice

Big slices of mango served in a glass with ice cream and toasted rice plus sticky rice at the bottom. A good variation for the Mango Sticky rice dessert.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we love how consistently good and balanced the flavors are—not too sweet, just the right chili-ness, a bit sour and salty, all in balanced proportion. Our favorites are Yam Som O, Larb Moo, Crab Omelet, Massaman Lamb Curry, and Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream Sundae. The classics are consistently good—Tom Yum Goong, Bagoong Rice, Pad Thai, and Thai Iced Tea. Budget about ₱1,000/head for your next Thai food trip craving at AzuThai.

Congratulations to the AzuThai team for consistently serving one of the best authentic Thai cuisines in Manila!

AzuThai Restaurant MilkyWay Building, 900 Arnaiz Ave. corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm Menu: ☎ +632 8817-6752, 8813-0671 📞+63 927 136-1306 📩 FB: Azuthai IG: @azuthai_makati Visit

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Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is an official media partner of Thai SELECT Philippines. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. They have parking in the basement so make sure to arrive early at 11:00am or 5:00pm to get a slot.

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