The Big Garment Sale (Nov 29-Dec 1)

We usually would go on Thursday/ Friday so that the crowd is still manageable. … But I think we will have to pass this time because Rache is still recuperating.
… All the clothes that are not sold here are sent to their Off Price Stores in Ortigas/ Makati/ Malate.

Light Symphonies and ROX @ Boni High Street

There are two areas: the first area is near ROX side and it lights up at 7pm. While the second area , which is in the activity area around the spider rock, lights up 30 minutes after.
…Remember that the activity area near the spider rock lights up every 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm, 10.30pm, and 11.30pm.

Pia Y Damaso’s Philippine Colonial Cuisine?

According to Bambi, the cuisine is called ” comido antigo ” and it is probably what Damaso ate, Maria Clara was accustomed to, and what Ibarra and the other young accused subversives found comfort in.”
… After eating in John and Yoko , or Fish Out of Water or Chateau 1771 in Greenbelt 5, go to Pia Y Damaso for desserts! … BTW, La Maison Brasserie is also open in Greenbelt 5 but we already had a trauma with how lousy the food was when we celebrated my birthday in Trinoma @ La Maison.

The Rebirth of Chateau 1771 @ Greenbelt 5

They invited friends and family of the owners last weekend to try out Chateau 1771 for FREE while they fine tune the operation of their kitchen. We got a slot for last Sunday’s brunch @ Chateau 1771 and we fell in love with the interiors, the food, and warm service.
… Loyal followers of Chateau 1771 in El Pueblo, Ortigas will be happy to know that their favorite resto has a new home at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5.

We love our Sanuk Sandals!!

It is a perfect Christmas gift for surfer dudes if you can find a nice design in Glorietta. Otherwise, visit their website and ask somebody from the US to buy Sanuk Sandals. Their website is soooo cool and if you read the philosophy of the company, they are soooo cool as well!

‘Nuf Said

The Ateneans are starting to celebrate the 2007 THES Top 500 Universities Rankings where Ateneo is the only University that improved its ranking from 488 to 451 while University of the Philippines is ranked 398 this year (from 299). De La Salle is ranked 519 and UST is ranked 535 out of 566 Universities. … Just remember, the last time La Salle was out of anything, we came back and became champions.

John and Yoko – a SumoSam Upscale Resto

My excitement led to high expectations which were not met when I found out that it was just an upscale version of SumoSam (by Marvin Agustin and business partners).
… John and Yoko | Japanese Salads on the Sunset Strip | Ginza Tapas and Big City Teasers 1 | Ginza Tapas and Big City Teasers 2 | Soho Sushi and Broadway Rolls 1 | Soho Sushi and Broadway Rolls 2 | Rockin Ramen and Noodles of Immortality 1 | Rockin Ramen and Noodles of Immortality 2 | Soups in the City | Wagyu Packing District | Our Theory on Tempura and Teppanyaki 1| Our Theory on Tempura and Teppanyaki 2 | Steak of the Nation and Yakitori Republic | From the Deep Blue Sea | A Nation of Blowouts | Big City Bowls | The Sun Rises in the East | Too Hot to Handle and Too Cold to Hold | Brain Freeze Time
… Sunset Prawn Salad (P 269 +SC ) This is a 300 peso salad with only two shrimps, chopped to look like it was more than 2 pieces with a few vegetables on big plates.

10 Reasons why Star City is the place to be…

If you haven’t been to Star City for some time, this is a preview of what is in store for you in one of Manila’s matured Carnival.
…I do feel that you get your money’s worth for the ride-all-you-can because there are more attractions and horror rides for the family!
…Drive away to your heart’s content with the all-time favorite, the bumper cars even with numerous collisions and banging with your friends’ bumper cars , driving has never been this safe, hassle and scratch-free.

Happy Thanksgiving and the Birth of the The ULTIMATE Kapampangan Show-off!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we ate turkey at Hizon’s, Malate where they have institutionalized the Turkey meal in their menu every Thursday.
…From Baroque to Betute, its fun-filled day as we poke around and get intimate with the very best of Pampanga’s cultural offerings. … To it cap-off, we’ll have front-row view of the most dazzling display of Kapampangan artistry- the Ligligan Parul Festival of San Fernando!

Snow World @ Star City

How much would you pay to see the World Ice Art Championships Ice Sculpture in Manila?
…I had my doubts about entering the Snow World but it was the real thing — real snow, real ice sculpture and real ice slide!
…(This was in the press release but I can’t seem to find their names in the World Ice Art Championships’ winners ) “The World Ice Art Championships is an ice sculpting contest in Fairbanks, Alaska put on by Ice Alaska every May.